As the media continues to deliver their steady stream of over-the-top insanity about Russiagate, the Internet has developed a few memes to help us understand what is really going on in the world today.

This cartoon perfectly explains Russiagate:

Yes, don’t forget folks. We are mad at Russia for “meddling” in our election by telling us the hideous truth about Hillary Clinton. Russia meddled by releasing the Clinton campaign emails that proved that Hillary Clinton was lying to us, that the media was complicit in her attempts to mislead, and that she had colluded with the DNC to pervert our democratic system.

But somehow Russia is the “real” bad guy? But it was Hillary who got rich from Russia

The memes are also there to remind us of our recent past.

Don’t forget that it was just a few short years ago where Barack Obama was heard whispering to Putin stooge, Dmitri Medvedev, that if he would just wait until “after the elections,” Obama would have more room to be flexible with Russia.

The comment was meant to convey the truth that Obama had to pretend to be strict with Russia for the voters, but after his reelection, he could go back on his promises and ease up on Russia again.


Putin and Russia have also poured MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation. Some of which was in thanks for Hillary Clinton’s approval of a Russian purchase of American uranium. Can we say SCANDAL? But the media didn’t care…

Finally, the memes remind us of what “REALLY” happened in 2016…


And remember all of this happened just a few short years after President Obama mocked the GOP for believing that Russia was our greatest geopolitical foe. In fact, President Trump seems to be DOING precisely what President Obama argued that the President SHOULD be DOING…


The Russians did the bad things during the Obama era. Obama KNEW they were doing the bad stuff, and yet did nothing about it. Obama argued that we should put the past behind us and try to cooperate in the future…


So why are the Democrats getting so upset with Trump about Russia? Well they are actually happy because it gives them a unified message.

Also, they felt sorry for Bob Mueller so they found a job for him that he could really enjoy.



Sometimes though, the Democrats go overboard in trying to protect their guy Bob Mueller:

But there is a real reason why the Democrats are putting America through this Russiagate nonsense.


It might not be so bad if the Democrats didn’t invent so many things. They blame everything on Russiagate.




Maybe it’s not the Democrat’s fault. Perhaps they don’t really know their lies are hurting America.  Maybe they are suffering from some sort of disease, or missing a body part.




Parts of this post was originally seen at Eagle