A transgender teenager in Maryland was arrested after police learned she intended to perpetrate a mass murder incident. Naturally, the media is practically ignoring the story and those that are reporting it are downplaying or ignoring the transgender connection.

Alex Ye, of Rockville, who is in reality aa girl legally named Andrea Ye, was arrested by the Montgomery County Police after Ye was linked to a 129-page manifesto filled with murder fantasies that she intended to carry out at her school.

“We know that Andrea struggled with significant mental health challenges, including homicidal and suicidal ideation over an extended period,” Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich said at a press conference with Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones. “And I hope one of the things that comes out of this is a look back at how early did we know that he was expressing suicidal and homicidal ideation, and when did we begin intervening?”

“He clearly had mental health issues, and I think it would be worth our while to figure out when could we have known, or when should we have possibly intervened,” Elrich continued. “We may have intervened at the right time, but at a very late time in the process. Hopefully this will lead us to look deeper into what we do for mental health support.”

Ye has been charged with threats of mass violence and is currently being held at the Montgomery County Central Processing.

The girl was reportedly arrested after someone who knows her reported her strange behavior spurring police to look into the incident.

Per ABC News:

According to the court documents, Ye was previously hospitalized “for threatening to ‘shoot up a school'” as well as other issues.

Ye was evaluated at his home and then hospitalized again in March, shortly after the police investigation began, as part of an emergency evaluation petition, the court records show. The hospital then raised an alarm with school and law enforcement officials because of “the threat posed by Ye.”

A counselor who had worked with Ye told authorities that he “would express violent thoughts such as shooting up the school” and “would smile while saying it,” according to court documents.

The counselor also said Ye was “patient and okay with his plan being the ‘long game’ and wanted to be famous from this event.”

You’ll notice one thing, though, about the coverage.

These so-called “news” agencies call this girl “he” throughout their coverage. And almost none of the use the word “transgender.”

That is because they do not want you to know that this psycho is a girl claiming to be a boy. They don’t want to link the word “transgender” to this dangerous nut’s actions and threats.

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