Over the weekend, Playboy Magazine’s White House correspondent Brian J. Karem tried to brand President Trump as lazy but got outed as pushing fake news. White House aide Hogan Gidley blasted Playboy’s Karem on Twitter after he said that Trump was not working during the shutdown.

Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley put Karem in his place in his tweeted reply.

“I just looked into the Oval Office myself, and @POTUS was, in fact, sitting behind the Resolute Desk working. So, now I’m just waiting for you and the rest of your ilk to either stop jumping to false conclusions, correct the record, or, here’s a thought, call the press team to ask.”

Not a single journalist tried to get an interview from Nancy Pelosi while she vacationed in a swanky resort in Hawaii.


It’s one thing to disagree with Donald Trump’s policies, but the guy works his butt off. And he was working. The Marines outside the Oval office are not there when the President works at night and/or some holidays.

Hogan Gidley is correct about no reporters talking to Pelosi who is relaxing in Hawaii during the shutdown.



Karem is not a fan of President Trump, in one Playboy column, he accused the administration of selling, “half-truths and lies like they’re day-old cookies at a bake sale.”  Lies? Like saying the President isn’t working during the shutdown?  I would suggest that even a liberal like Mr. Karem who is 15 years younger than the POTUS would have trouble keeping up with his routine.

Gidley wasn’t the only person to attack Karem on Twitter.

One respondent suggested the reporter was hiding in the bushes:


When I was in advertising and received free magazines as part of my job I always made sure to receive Playboy, only to see what competitive products were advertising in the book, to read the monthly interview, and the in-depth political stories. I looked at the pictorials also but hey were secondary to the articles.

Okay, my wife left the room, I can now tell you that the articles were a secondary reason to read the magazine. At times, however,  the magazine articles and interviews were excellent.   Apparently, the quality of those articles has collapsed in the years since I was a regular reader, along with the circulation (down 90% since 1996). With reporters like Brian J. Karem who puts his political agenda before the truth, it’s no wonder why the magazine circulation has collapsed.

H/T Godfather Politics