If authorities thought that compelling the McCloskeys to plead to a misdemeanor firearms violation would scare them into bending the knee, they have grossly underestimated the McCloskeys. McCloskey gets last laugh

For anyone who missed it, here is a quick recap of events that had their detractors gloating.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges after they brandished weapons against protesters outside their home in June 2020 during the height of riots surrounding the death of George Floyd.

On Thursday, Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to a fourth-degree misdemeanor of assault and was ordered to pay a $750 fine, while Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to a second-degree misdemeanor of harassment and mandated to pay $2,000. Neither will face jail time, though the pair’s firearms will be destroyed by state authorities.

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There was more to the story than that, though. Not that the MSM reported it. Mark McCloskey himself gave the context.

“He dropped all the felony charges, all the gun charges, and charged me with a crime that said I purposely placed other people in apprehension of imminent fear of physical injury — and, by God, I did it,” McCloskey told Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“That’s what the guns were for. The guns were there to scare people off and make sure they didn’t approach us. And that’s what the guns did.

“That’s what the Second Amendment was there for, and I couldn’t say no to that one,” he added.

…”As I said on the courthouse steps, if that’s a crime in Missouri, I did it, and I’ll do it again,” he continued, noting he is going to pay the “parking ticket, a $750 fine and that’s it.”

Does this sound like the response of somebody running away with his tail between his legs?

Then he wrote, ‘Let me be clear, I am not surrendering any of my other firearms! I will continue to be one of the strongest advocates for #2A in MO and around the country. The two weapons that were seized from me were evidence in a criminal case. Per the state of MO they are to be incinerated.’

And, minutes later, he added, ‘Don’t worry— I have more guns to protect my family where that came from!’

What would you expect someone with this kind of a staunch endorsement of the Second Amendment to do immediately after surrendering his firearms to be destroyed?

If you guessed ‘replace them’ … you’d be right!

Here’s a better look:

McCloskey gets last laugh

McCloskey was only defending himself and his wife. If self-defense is a crime in Missouri, the law needs to be changed, If the law was being misenterpreted he should be pardoned by Governor Parson and the DA needs to be fired.

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McCloskey gets last laugh