MSNBC, as I have repeatedly said since early 2011 (much to the chagrin of the leftist sock puppets at Newsguard), is the official network of insane liberal rage, hate, and lying stupid liberal propaganda.  The latest piece of evidence proving this claim comes to us courtesy of Matt Negrin, the lunatic who hosts “Hardball,” now that Mr. Tinkle down his leg, Chris Matthews is gone.

Personally, I didn’t know anyone had taken that show over since Matthews left.  At any rate, Negrin responded to Rep. Elise Stefanik’s announcement that she had been chosen the GOP House Conference leader with an unhinged and completely false tweet accusing her and other top Republicans of terrorism, treason, and attempted murder.

“The top three House Republicans are now officially three anti-democracy terrorists who incited the Jan. 6 insurrection and are still adamantly spreading the Big Lie that the election was stolen, and instead of calling this fascism, the news media will say they’re shaking things up,” he tweeted.

“Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Elise Stefanik tried to murder Democrats on Jan. 6 to stop the process of certifying the election. They convinced the media not to talk about this but instead frame their treason as “showing loyalty to Trump.” The bookers are already calling her,” he added in a follow-up tweet.

Of course, this is a blatant lie.  Negrin may be working to solidify his status as a propagandist for the most insane liberal network known to man.  Or he may be just a looney leftist who forgot to take his meds.

Twitchy noted:

Hey, ding-a-ling, the only person who literally tried to murder people based on their political affiliation is the jacka*s who ACTUALLY SHOT Steve Scalise.


Others responded:


Well, he DOES work for MSNBC, so…

Naturally, Negrin’s fake news and deliberate disinformation is allowed to remain on Twitter.  That’s because he gets to exercise his liberal privilege.  And he works for MSNBC…

“Yeah, this was not only insane but really stupid as well,” Twitchy added.  “Not a good combo.”

We agree, but then again, Negrin works for MSNBC, a network that apparently requires its hosts to be both stupid AND insane.  Keep that in mind.’

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