Biden’s people have already made it clear their plan is to lie and stonewall their way through the next 2 years in open defiance of lawful GOP Congressional oversight. But…

They probably think they’re holding all the cards here. After all, Biden’s lackeys in several government bodies have been very dutiful in using their offices to crush Republican under the grinding gears of government while using those same offices to shield Democrats from any meaningful criticism.

Even now, we have, for example, both DOJ and Yellen telling Republican lawmakers to pound sand when certain documents within their purview are requested.

But Congress is a Co-Equal branch of government and, as a Co-Equal branch, is not without certain powers of its own.

Mark Levin did a deep dive into what options Congress has at its disposal should other branches refuse to yield to such directives that fall within their lawful scope of powers.

There are tools in their toolbelt that have not been applied … but in light of their interaction with a rogue and corrupt Executive branch, they can and should be used.


Honestly, had the GOP understood and applied these tools back in the Obama years when Eric Holder went rogue, the left might never have felt so emboldened as they are now.

Heck, in the past year, Democrats would hold Republicans in contempt if they didn’t like what they had for dinner.

Who knows how different our country might have looked if the GOP had put their foot down when Holder refused to hand over documents?


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