Distraction is one of those things people don’t realize can be fatal – but whether it’s using a cell phone while driving or talking on a personal cell phone while a Secret Service agent is on duty, something awful could occur. As the Secret Service security detail at National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s home yakked on their cell phones, an unknown male subject sneaked into the house. Their supervisor is not a happy camper.

Secret Service agents missed an intruder who got into a Biden official’s home in April because they were distracted by their personal cellphones, CNN reported.

In the April incident, an apparently intoxicated man made it inside national security adviser Jake Sullivan’s home in the early morning hours.

Sullivan confronted the man inside his house and told him to leave, the Washington Post first reported. The Secret Service agents guarding Sullivan’s house didn’t even realize someone had gotten inside until Sullivan had the confused man leave and then went outside to tell the agents what happened, according to the Post. Business Insider

The fact is that incidents like this one leave government officials without the security they should have (regardless of what we might think of them personally). No one saw the intoxicated man enter or leave. It’s rank incompetence and lack of work ethic. They totally ‘lucked out,’ as no one in Jake Sullivan’s home was harmed.

The Secret Service of the last several years is not the same agency as it used to be. Scandal after scandal has revealed significant problems. Whether it’s drinking, sex, deleted texts, or criminal behavior, they have destroyed their reputations as quickly as the FBI. We distinctly remember the female agent who loudly proclaimed she wouldn’t take a bullet for President Trump as he came into office. She was “reassigned.

Though the Director has implemented new disciplinary measures after the Sullivan incident, the problem will not likely go away any time soon.

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle recently ordered increased penalties for employees who violate policies on duty, including using personal devices while on the job.

The moves are partly in response to initial findings of an internal investigation following the April incident at Sullivan’s home when agents on his protective detail failed to see an intruder enter and exit, the sources said.

A law enforcement official familiar with the internal investigation said the agents on duty that night and their supervisors are likely to be subject to disciplinary action, including evaluating whether they can maintain their federal security clearance, a requirement for their positions.

The incident at Sullivan’s home occurred in the early morning hours in late April. Sullivan confronted the intruder inside the home and later told investigators that he believed the person was intoxicated and entered the home by mistake. Sullivan and his family were unharmed. CNN

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