The MSM mocked President Trump as a ‘snake oil’ salesman who was giving the American people false hope. Just because he touted hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for coronavirus. Now some media outlets are being forced to admit Trump was right. malaria drug coronavirus

The drug, along with another antimalarial drug chloroquine, was mentioned by the President as a possible treatment for patients suffering from the virus.

The media did their best to mock Trump as a liar for making the claims, not because he was wrong but because “orange man bad.”

Trump Was Right

Hydroxychloroquine is now approved for emergency use to treat coronavirus by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has also approved the drug chloroquine on an emergency basis.

The New York Times on Wednesday reported that a study had shown the “drug helps virus patients improve.”

“A group of moderately ill people was given hydroxychloroquine, which appeared to ease their symptoms quickly, but more research is needed,” they wrote.

malaria drug coronavirus

Media Said He Was Lying

By contrast, the media before that had portrayed the President as a quack, even falsely accusing Trump of the death of an Arizona man after he and his wife ingested fish tank cleaner with a similar name. Now I am sorry the guy died. Still, an average person would read the label and either see the difference in the name or the fact that it said it was a parasite treatment for fish. Then they would start asking questions of their doctor, veterinarian, or the person who sold the product and ask if it works on people.

The cause of the man’s death was the man himself, but that didn’t stop the liberal media from blaming President Trump for the fatal error:

The Washington Post wrote, “Trump is giving people false hope of coronavirus cures. It’s all snake oil.”

Trump “peddles snake oil and false hope,” the USA Today editorial board similarly wrote.

Salon, the quackiest of all left-wing media outlets, suggested Trump’s treatment was his “most dangerous flim-flam: False hope and quack advice.”



It’s one thing for the media to baselessly criticize President Trump as they often do, but it’s another matter altogether when their fake news stories affect people’s lives.

The efforts, as mentioned above to blame Trump for the poisoning of an Arizona couple, led to two governors – Steve Sisolak of Nevada and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, both Democrats – banning the use of the drugs by medical professionals.

“Doctors seeking to use the potentially life-saving drugs in compassionate care situations will now be prevented from doing so,” The Political Insider warned.

Both Sisolak and Whitmer have since relented, reversing course from a ban to actually requesting the drug be shipped to their respective state by the federal government.

Imagine how many lives may have been affected if the media didn’t portray the recommendation by Trump as ineffective or worse, a killer.

Much of this post was first seen at the Mental Recession.

malaria drug coronavirus