We aren’t even through the first month of 2022, and the mainstream media is already hiding some news. Most of what they’re hiding makes the Biden administration and congressional Democrats look bad, but not all of them. Below are some of the most important MSM ignored stories that I’ve discovered through investigation and asking many questions. mainstream media is hiding

  • After Joe Biden’s disastrous press conference on Jan 19, press secretary Jen Psaki spent the next day trying to explain away the most idiotic statements of the President. At the end of the day, a reporter went into her office to ask a question but what he saw was Psaki shaking like a leaf, wearing red ruby slippers, clicking them together and whispering, “there’s no place like home.”
  • With the tensions rising between Russia and Ukraine, Biden is considering removing all Americans from Afghanistan.
  • An underwater volcano near Tonga in the South Pacific had a major eruption that could be seen from outer space. The blast sparked tsunami waves and a seaside spectacle on the California coast, nearly 6,000 miles away. President Biden blamed Donald Trump for the eruption.
  • Apparently, Biden was making fun of the Russians when he mentioned that he would okay a minor Ukraine invasion at the press conference. He didn’t mean it as a small invasion, but he hinted that Putin would tell some kids to try and invade Ukraine. But if he sent the kids toward the border, he would blame President Trump.
  • There is a genuine reason why Kamala Harris cackles when she is asked if she is going to the borders. She’s laughing at the reporters believing they are stupid. She doesn’t understand that the reporters were talking about the edge of the U.S., where it meets neighbor countries. Kamala thinks they were talking about the Borders bookstore change that went out of business in 2009.
  • The White House leaked to the press that the plan to divide the build back better plan into chunks and pass each one separately. White  House reporters are convinced that Schumer won’t get the chunks passed. In fact, one reporter has already written his article headlined, “Schumer Blows Chunks.”
  • The Congressional Jan 6 committee has gone too far. On Friday, they served a subpoena to yours, truly demanding my testimony. I have never met Donald Trump in person. I didn’t go to D.C. on Jan 6. The committee admitted that, but they’ve accused me of sitting in my home office watching T.V. at the time of the riot. They were almost correct. I was in my office watching T.V., but I wasn’t watching the news. I was watching somebody killing their next-door neighbors on Discovery ID. They subpoenaed me anyway as they are looking to interview everyone in the United States, hoping to discover some evidence.
  • President Biden’s new dog bit a secret service officer. He blamed the nipping dog on Donald Trump.
  • Biden told Russia they could proceed with a minor invasion of Starbucks. But the invasion could only include three stores at the most. They couldn’t loot more than five grande Frappuccinos, two Dragon Drinks, and 4 chocolate croissants. If they take more than he laid out weak keed  Biden has promised to send Putin a strongly worded angry letter,
  • The FBI announced a change in their investigation. They now admit that the Holocaust targeted European Jewish communities. Dementia Joe blamed Trump for the FBI’s mistake.
  • Paramount Pictures has announced a remake of the movie Clueless, Kamala Harris, who is totally Clueless, has been picked for the leading role.
  • Joy Reid has been warned by MSBC management she could no longer tell lies about white people, Republicans, Christians, Gay People, Hispanics, or Jews. Since she was given that order Reid has not said a word on her T.V. show, claiming there was nothing left to say without getting in trouble.
  • With a 4-12 record, the N.Y. Jets had another crapy season. President Biden put out a press release claiming it was Donald Trump’s fault.

These are just some of the hidden stories in January. As the year goes on, we will find more hidden gems and report them ASAP. Therefore keep coming back here to The Lid to see the latest news and hidden stories. Most are true. Some are made up like the above. But we will always let you know when it’s satire.

mainstream media is hiding