The state of Maine dutifully followed Leftist Joe Biden’s advice to go green and sunk millions of tax dollars into electric school buses. Now they are stuck with a fleet of junkers that don’t work, and for some, can’t be fixed.

Maine’s Department of Education went all-in for e-buses and advised all state school districts to go electric. Consequently, schools doled $345,000 a piece for hundreds of school buses from the Canada-based Lion Electric Co., according to

The first problem the districts discovered with their new buses was that the windshields leaked whenever the rains came.

But that was far from the only problem.

Some districts worried that mixing leaky windows with electric batteries was a bad combo, so they shied from using the new buses.

There was shoddy workmanship in other ways, too. for instance, many buses came from the manufacturer with misaligned or misspelled lettering on the sides. Worse, other districts found broken rivets on the bus bodies.

The Winthrop Public Schools even reported that one bus lost its power steering and brakes, forcing a driver to slam into a snow bank.

After the complaints, state officials are advising all school districts with the electric buses to park them for fear of more problems.

Some inspections of the nearly new buses have revealed the sort of wear and tear one sees on older vehicles, even though these buses aren’t more than two years old and few have more than a few thousand miles on them.

Despite this mess, left-wing Maine still intends to make half its school bus fleet reach 75 percent electric by 2035.

Biden has already sunk billions of federal tax dollars into electric vehicles with a wasteful $5 billion program to replace the nation’s school buses with electric vehicles, according to Just The News. So far, the Biden administration has replaced 5.103 buses across the nation.

Unfortunately, many of those buses were purchased from Biden’s pet electric vehicle company, Proterra, which has gone bankrupt.

In the wake of its bankruptcy, the company has left hundreds of failing buses than cannot now be fixed.

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