Reports have surfaced that officials involved in the planning of Joe Biden’s inauguration are concerned his supporters won’t show and they’ll be “left with a mass gathering of Trump supporters in their place.” Of course, we hope that there will be a mass gathering of Trump supporters because it will be Trump who will be inaugurated. But team Biden is still worried.

Daily Beast politics editor Sam Stein published a column in which he discusses the tiptoeing necessary to conduct an inauguration in the age of COVID.

Stein notes that Biden’s previous campaign events were made sparse by design, something that could cause logistical nightmares on January 20th.

The report cites one ‘official’ who is concerned that a “MAGA rally” could break out.

“What do you do if our people don’t show up and his do?” the official, who is involved in inaugural preparations, asked.

“They probably will and the last thing you want is a MAGA rally on the Mall when Joe Biden is sworn in as president,” they continued. “I think [Trump] would want to make it as much of a sh*t show as possible.”

That’s one thing they don’t understand. If Biden wins the election and Trump supporters show and have a MAGA rally at the inauguration, it won’t be because President Trump asked them to go, it will be because his supporters want to show they still support him.

A MAGA Rally At Biden’s Inauguration?

Inaugural planning will go on despite the president’s campaign refusing to concede the election as they pursue litigation in states in which ballots are in dispute.

The passion for the President’s fight is reflected in his supporters.

Biden’s people know it and they’re concerned the MAGA crowd going to show up on Inauguration Day in full force. This has led to speculation that Biden could go into hidin’.

One Democratic fundraiser told the Daily Beast that they could foresee “a mostly virtual event” while Democratic operative Stephanie Cutter has suggested Biden wouldn’t even need to go to the Capitol.

“It is all ceremonial. You can do it in the [Capitol] rotunda if you want,” she said. “You just have to be sworn in by a Supreme Court justice.”

I am sure that John Roberts would be tickled pink to swear in a liberal who is just like him.


This Could Prove to be an Embarrassment

If the only requirement is a Supreme Court Justice to swear him in, why not just send John Roberts to Biden’s basement?

Wouldn’t it be real fun if they sent Justice Thomas to give the oath? That would be awkward.

We can guarantee there are no MAGA fans there and it’s certainly a safe environment that the presumed president-elect is used to.

Funny how, after an election that was solely about President Trump, that the inauguration would be more of the same.

new poll from Rasmussen Reports indicates over 50% of Americans who voted for Biden were doing so more as a vote against Trump than a show of support for the Democrat.

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