Guest Post By Joe Messina

I’ve been speaking with a lot of my not-so-political friends on the other side of the isle. These are people that are usually very sensible. We find ourselves very close on issues, though we may take a different approach to get to the same conclusion, but sensible none the less.

Over the last few months several of them have expressed that they think Hillary may be the best suited for the presidency. The reason? She understands politics and has been at it longer than anyone else… All together now… SIGH!

But what’s even more disturbing? The ones I considered politically sensible say that Hillary’s issues don’t really bother them because ALL politicians lie, ALL politicians cheat, and ALL have some issues that we don’t know about. As if that weren’t bad enough, some of those I spoke with were, wait for it… POLITICIANS! How sad! Have we become desensitized to crime and bad actions?

We turn a blind eye to some bad actions, but we keep passing ridiculous laws, like; “You can only throw a Frisbee at a Los Angles beach with a life guard’s permission” or “Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship” or this gem ”No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour.” Get my drift?

Over the years I have watched the American people and the legal system back down on truly criminal issues because we have too many people in jail. They say our judicial system is overloaded and can’t take anymore. So now we stop enforcing laws or shorten jail sentences? We basically give up? Are we afraid to call them out as bad actions? Has political correctness made it so wrong to call thugs, thugs; terrorists, terrorists; and so on?

For example, General Petraeus was sentenced to 2 years parole and a $40 thousand dollar fine for giving classified material to his girlfriend and biographer. It pretty much ruined his career because he swore on his outgoing paperwork from the CIA that he had returned or destroyed all classified material. He obviously didn’t! (This may be a bad one.)

Then there is Hillary Clinton. I don’t have enough room to mention all of them, so let’s just go over the recent relevant ones. First and foremost, Hillary had ALL her State department emails going to her personal server. Illegal, period. Then, she didn’t delete the Top Secret and Classified emails from her server after she left or even wiped it with a “Government safety” level. Again, illegal. It was basically the same thing the General did. He didn’t shred paper copies after he left and she didn’t shred electronic copies after she left. He had a small notebook full in his desk drawer, in his house, accessible to only him and people who could get in the house. She has them on her server, attached to the internet, open door to the world, with “home use” security levels. Both the CIA and FBI believe the server was “hacked” by both the Russian and Chinese government.

Most Democrats say General Petraeus got what he deserved, but maintain that Hillary did nothing wrong! Is it in the DNA?

The General took responsibility. Mrs. Clinton has changed her story several times. Remember, her story went from it… didn’t happen, to, she used two phones and got confused, to, she used it but not for secret communications, well, maybe some that weren’t marked secret, to, she didn’t tell her staff to remove the secret markings but they somehow did, to, Chelsea wiped our server in a post partem moment, to, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie. But you guys on the hard Left see nothing wrong with that and the General was guilty.

The FBI, a very non-partisan organization, is outraged that they have evidence against Hillary and yet the President is going to probably tell the Attorney General to back down.

As I went through the list of many legislators who were caught in the act (whatever that act is, from playing with interns to taking money to lying under oath) you were more willing to overlook the transgressions of a progressive Democrat than a moderate or conservative Republican. “Equality for all”… sure, that’s it.

We have changed our conversation from lie to “misspeak.” You know that whole “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor?” How about Mrs. Clinton dodging bullets at the airport until she saw the video that there wasn’t a bullet in the sky and she said she “mis-remembered?” And the whole “hands up don’t shoot,” but then the black Attorney General and his team investigated to find out it was not true. No apology from the Left for all the accusations.

Many Americans simply see this as an American political pastime. Politicians lie, cheat, and steal. They make up the narrative to suit the situation. Politicians need to justify their existence so you vote them back in. If that requires a little truth bending then so be it! Why?

America, it’s our fault! We gave up holding them accountable to the truth. Not my truth, not your truth, but the absolute truth.

If the General signed documents attesting to the fact that he had returned and destroyed all classified papers and didn’t do it, then he is guilty. He should have verified before he signed anything. That man had served a life of honor with integrity. We cut him no slack.

The former Secretary of State knew she didn’t destroy the documents and signed that she did. When she “found out” she might have been mistaken, instead of owning up to it, she tried to cover it up and lie about it, like she has done her entire life.

Many of you on the Left think she is perfect for the job. So apparently you find dishonest people are perfectly suited to run the government. You keep doing it and it’s worked out so well for you… in Flint, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, DC, and Chicago…

Thanks, but no thanks!

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