During a speech in Warren, Michigan on Wednesday, lying Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for the White House, told yet another lie, falsely claiming that over 6,000 members of the U.S. military have died from the coronavirus. Lyin’ Joe Biden 

“Every one of these lives matter. Every one of these lives left somebody behind, grieving. You can’t ever forget them,” Lyin Joe said of military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He went on to reference the number of military COVID deaths and confirmed cases, but overstated them drastically.

“Military COVID infected: 118,984,” he said, appearing to struggle with the list. “Military COVID deaths: 6,114.”

But, according to numbers posted by the Department of Defense on 9/9, approximately 40,000 military members have been infected with COVID-19. Seven of them passed. On top of that, there have only been just over 58,000 cases throughout the Department of Defense, and 90 deaths — far lower than Biden’s claim:

DOD COVID-19 Cumulative Totals

Cases Hospitalized Recovered Deaths
Military 40,026 592 24,913 7
Civilian 8,882 357 5,394 55
Dependent 5,339 124 3,439 7
Contractor 3,811 170 2,334 21
Total 58,058 1,243 36,080 90


Here’s a video of his blatant lie:


Fox reported that shortly after the event, Biden’s campaign quickly clarified that Biden had mixed up the numbers for Michigan with those from the military.

“Vice President Biden has the utmost respect for the men and women of the armed services and believes it’s the sacred duty of our country to properly equip them, look after their families when they’re deployed, and care for them when they return,” Biden’s Deputy Rapid Response Director Michael Gwin said in a statement to Fox News.

But wait a second! The sheet that Biden was reading detailed the number of military deaths–why would it have the number of deaths in Michigan? If it was his Michigan numbers, they were under-counted. The actual number is approaching 6,900.

I don’t know what’s worse — Biden’s lies themselves, or the fact that he deliberately and blatantly lies about things so easily fact-checked, knowing his stenographers, i.e., the lying propagandists in the lying liberal media, will never hold him accountable.

Much of this post was first seen at Conservative Firing Line.