There’s Unhinged, and then there’s Ellen Barkin. You may remember her or not. Born in 1954, the 69-year-old Barkin appeared in several movies, and multi-billionaire banker Ronald Perelman gave her $40 million so he could escape their marriage in 2006.

In 2017, she suggested in no uncertain terms that conservative blogger Rusty Weiss be physically assaulted for daring to disagree with her. She also demanded North Carolina legislators perform sexual acts upon themselves to pass pro-life legislation. Let’s just say she doesn’t come across as a lovely person. At least when she’s flying a keyboard.

Earlier this month, she revived the “Trump-is-Hitler” routine common among unhinged low-information leftists — especially those in Hollywood, a.k.a., “La-La-Land,” with a tweet comparing Trump to the former German dictator and falsely claiming the former president will kill six million Jews.

“Don’t forget Hitler also launched a failed coup. A few years later, he lost an election. A few more years later, he was back stronger than ever. Then he murdered 6 million Jews. Sound familiar? Cuz that is exactly what’s happening here,” Barkin posted.


I couldn’t help myself replying felt so good.

We’re not aware of Trump actually killing anyone. Still, leftists like Barkin often make stupid claims without any evidence whatsoever except whatever the voices in their heads repeat from MSNBC, the official network of insane liberal rage, hate, and stupid, lying liberal propaganda.

And she didn’t stop there:

Don’t you enjoy it when an inconsiderate liberal uses the Holocaust as a political weapon? Sorry Ellen, but there is no research saying Hitler had a playbook. But even if he had one, your tweets prove you are too much of an imbecile to read and understand it.

Writing at Newsbusters, Christian Toto countered:

Does it need to be said that Trump did nothing Hitler-esque during his first four years in office? Or that he was a powerful supporter of Israel and has Jewish people in his immediate family?

Facts, logic and reason evade Trump-deranged stars like Barkin, who never suffer for unhinged views like right-leaning stars often do.

Just ask Jim Caviezel, whose sin is being an openly Christian star. The media loathes him for it., and he allegedly lost two agents for starring in “Sound of Freedom.”

Twitter (soon to be rebranded as “X”) users responded:

Liberals like Barkin just conveniently forget such trivia…


Probably not. She has been an idiot and a tyrant most of her life. As the saying goes, I can deal with stupid, I can deal with nasty, but stupid and nasty combined is too much!

Like this one:

And using the name of Hitler to make a political point proves that Barkin has the vocabulary of a 4th grader,

Barkin’s Twitter feed is chock full of fake news, MSNBC-level propaganda, lies, and hate. In other words, what you’d expect from a deranged, unhinged Hollywood leftist who couldn’t spell cat if you spot her the “c” and the “a.”

Exactly. In fact, the Democrat Party and its sycophants in the media constitute the most significant danger America has ever faced. Well, that and one angry arse old actress.

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