The guest on this’ week’s Lid Radio Show was the very #caring, Kurt Schlichter.

Besides being the inventor of the hashtag #caring, Kurt Schlichter is a trial lawyer based in the Los Angeles area representing companies and individuals in matters ranging from 81a-300x232routine business cases to confidential Hollywood and entertainment industry disputes and transactions.

Kurt was personally recruited to write conservative commentary by the late great Andrew Breitbart and now writes a weekly column at on political, cultural and military issues. The key to Kurt’s writing is that he makes points you wish you made yourself, and he does not know the meaning of politically correct (Thank God!)

Kurt has one of the most entertainingly brutal and funny twitter feeds (if you don’t follow him you are missing out).

Among his other accomplishments, Kurt put his arse on the line to protect all of us. He retired as a colonel United States Army, deploying to Operation Desert Storm and, after 9/11, to Operation Enduring Freedom in Kosovo.

He holds a masters of Strategic Studies degree from the United States Army War College. He loves military history, red meat and the Second Amendment.51EzcCcSB-L

Kurt’s latest book, “The People’s Republic” released in September is an exiting spy novel, a page turner action story, skillfully imbued with the sardonic Schlichter humor. If you haven’t read the book yet, purchase the hardcover or kindle edition here at Amazon. I guarantee you will enjoy it

While you are ordering the book, listen this week’s show on the player below:

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