Since last week’s show, thirty-nine Americans were injured in three different Islamic terrorist attacks here in the United States. Yet some of our leaders refused to recognize Islamist terrorism as the source of the attack, and others claim that running out air conditioners are more dangerous than radical Muslims. As the greatest country in the world we should be winning this war on terror, but our leaders do not want to allow our military heroes to fight.

The war on Islamist terror will be the topic of discussion on todays Lid Radio show. And we will be discussing  it with our special guest; Andrew Chavarrilla, political commentator, Christian minister, radio host, entrepreneur, U.S. Army combat veteran, and someone I am happy to call friend. You can listen to the Lid Radio Show live at 2PM EDT on SHR Media and High Plains Talk Radio

Andrew Chavarrilla is a cultural apologist with a background as a minister and political activist. He is a US Army veteran and a graduate of the Southwest School of Bible Studies. Andrew speaks all across the United States on 13117803_482260798646652_180638403_nCulture, God and Government and The Heart of a Nation. He has worked with elected officials including presidential candidates and political personalities in the fight to reclaim America and to develop and pass legislation beneficial to the preservation of Religious Liberty and Christian ideals. Andrew is the co-founder of Liberty Cannon Media Group.

Additionally, Andrew is a radio personality, contributor to various media outlets and hosts his own radio show called, The Intersection which can be heard live on Lanterns Radio Network Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 9AM ET, on WNJC – 1360AM New Jersey on Saturdays from 4-6pm ET, and is available on soundcloud and iTunes via Truth and Liberty Radio Andrew is a desired speaker for various political events, retreats, youth rallies, seminars, and meetings year round. He is an author and host of THE HEART OF A NATION available on DVD at Focus Press, Inc. Andrew is married to Kelcy and they have four kids and reside south of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. He has been called a “spirit-filled leader” by Jason and David Benham and Glenn Beck has called him “one of America’s greatest pastors.

Andrew can be followed on Facebook by clicking here, and on twitter @ChurchPatriot

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