There is an email currently circulating around that contains a LONG list of examples of liberal violence from the last few months. We’re not just talking about a liberal getting into a bar fight, we’re talking about liberals using violence for political purposes. It’s a specific kind of violence, a violence meant to force their political opponents to cower in fear and silence.

It makes the liberal concerns about the attack on conservatives this past Wednesday ring hollow. The truth is that liberal cultural leaders have been all too happy to use violent rhetoric and powerfully aggressive commentary to decry conservatives. They’ve called us evil, fascists, Nazis, racists, hatemongers, etc… how do they expect their followers to respond? If we truly are these evil, hateful things, why wouldn’t violence to stop us from “destroying the planet,” be an acceptable response?

Here are a few examples of the rampant and continuing liberal violence against conservatives:

VIDEO: White Antifa members calls black man Uncle Tom

VIDEO: White Antifa gets in black mans face after black man tries to have civil conversation. White man punches black man, black man takes white Antifa man down

VIDEO:Antifa throws urine on counter protestors in NYC

VIDEO in link: Gavin Mcinnes event interrupted by Antifa violence, four Antifa arrested

VIDEO: Antifa vandalize truck, rip US flag and Blue Lives Matter flags off, burn them

VIDEO: Ethics Professor Eric Clanton (member of Antifa) Smashes bike lock over mans head. Now facing multiple felony charges

Antifa’s threats of violence shut down Rose Parade after 81 successful years

VIDEO: ANTIFA riot in Portland on May Day

PHOTO:Mug Shots of ANTIFA rioters after their May Day riot where they destroyed public/private property

Portland police report being attacked by counter protesters (Antifa) with bricks, bottles, etc at Portlands freedom of speech rally. Confiscate numerous weapons from left wing counter Protestors.

Exceptional article on Antifa and left-wing violence by Ian Tuttle for National Review. The last line: “The Antifa ideology can only produce enemies

VIDEO:Man gets attacked at anti-Sharia protest by Antifa

Antifa Chick dude hits police horse with flag pole with nail attached to it in neck. Mug shot

UT frats vandalized by itsgoingdown. Vandals want to start a conversation about rape culture

“Racist” and “rapist” sprayed on UT frat houses in new spat of graffiti

“The self-professed “Vandals of UT” say they are responding to no specific incident but “the everyday crisis that is rape culture, white supremacy, and elitism.” Their goal is “the destruction, looting, and emptying out of these halls of power by the force of the unruly masses—the excluded and exploited,” adding that they hope to “inspire other insurgent acts.”

Fraternity member stabbed to death, three other wounded after the stuff posted above

Miami_JBT Thread covering BLM

Video: Woman with MAGA hat gets maced by Antifa clown after she says she supports the nonviolent protestors

Protesters at Berkeley light fires, hurl rocks and fireworks at police, smash windows of student center, and cause the campus to lock down due to Milo speaking

Video: Woman at Berkeley gets hit over the head repeatedly with object, someone gets knocked out by anti-Milo rioters

Video: Anti-Milo rioters chase attendees and beat them, another one ends up unconscious, nearly to death

Occupy Oakland Tweets they won at Berkeley

AR15 member at protests and takes pictures of the aftermath

Organizer of Milo protest pleased with the level of violence, calls for a violent uprising against Trump and Trump supporters VIDEO in link

Berkeley Republicans still receiving threats from ANTIFA after Milo riot

The Daily Californian defends violence at Berkeley, check your privilege, the violence protected students…

Woman’s March protester collapses, Trump Hotel worker rushes to aid her with AED, gets booed by crowd for working at Trump hotel while trying to render aid to one of the dumb ####s

VIDEO: Peaceful protester at woman’s march lights Trump supporters hair on fire

VIDEO: Woman on plane berates a Trump supporter, demands for him to be moved, gets booted off the plane and passengers applaud her removal

VIDEO: Trump supporter does civic duty extinguishing flames rioters set, appeals for peace, gets punched in the face, property stolen

Ashley Judd gives disgusting speech insinuating Trump is a pedophile and dreams of incest

Madonna thinks about blowing up the White House, talks about Revolution of Love, then tells detractors “#### you.”

217 arrested, 6 cops injured

Lots of pics inside of damaged vehicles, “pigs” spray painted on Army truck, Fox News vehicle smashed, protestors pits in cops face, limo on fire, embers thrown at police

Pete Blackburn Tweets Barron Trump has killed no less than 100 small animals

SNL writer Tweets “Barron will be the first homeschool shooter”

Protesters light fire in street, throw embers at cops, and destroy a limo

Video:Protesters block checkpoints and people’s freedom of movement- Airmen blocked from attendance while in uniform

Eight inaugural meltdowns from retarded press

Anti-Trump protestors vandalize DC, video inside

CNN discusses Trump assassination to keep Obama in power

Violence at the Deploraball: assault, eggs thrown, batteries thrown, and theft of property

They start ’em young: chunky left-wing kid starts fire, brags to media about it, then says “screw our President.” Little #### is so dumb he doesn’t realize Obama is still president

11Year Old Put in Crutches For Supporting Trump

Die Whites Die

Man Beaten for Voting Trump

Protesters of a Trump Victory Destroy property in Oakland

San Jose Trump Supporters have clothes ripped off, punched

Eggs, Bottles, and punches

The Occupy movement has a horrific record of violence. Occupy Wall Street Exposed has counted a dozen deaths, including three murders; more than a dozen rapes; more than 25 disgusting cases of indecent exposure, public defecation, etc; more than 500 thefts; more than 6,800 arrests; and in excess of $12 million in property damage. A sorry record by any standard.

Sophomore gets viciously beat up after Trump win for supporting Trump

Two men attack another man for holding Trump sign on 12NOV2016

Arson and vandalism of Trump supporter’s home

Video of Oregon protesters smashing a jeer, spray painting it

Man with MAGA hat gets choked on NYC subway

MD HS student assaulted for saying he likes Trump

Scott Baio attacked by Nancy Mack at Elementary school function over his support for Trump

TJ Miller arrested for slapping Uber driver over Trump

San Jose PD release mug shots and charges against anti-Trump protesters- three are charged with assault with a deadly weapon

Four Animals kidnap guy, beat him while shouting “#### Donald Trump” (not confirmed if victim is Trump supporter) and appear to scalp him. Hate crime, but victim is white so don’t hold your breath

Our own member caught a twitter user wanting/wishing someone to assassinate Trump

HS student at Milo event beat, paint thrown on him, hat stolen

The violence extends to Canada! Woman’s March in Edmonton female reporter gets harassed and punched in face by anti-Trump male, feminists protect HIM and victim blame the female reporter. She does a post commentary and humiliates the woman abuser

Trump supporter has ear bitten off, fingers twisted by anti-Trump roommate

Kellyanne Conway gets white powder sent in mail multiple times now under USSS protection

Man has Trump signs messed with thrice. One would be thief and his #### stain friend push homeowner to ground after attempting to steal from him

Two police officers injured at Chicago Trump rally, sent to hospital. Trump cancels over safety concerns

Teacher pretends to shoot image of Trump in front of class

VIDEO: Pro-Trump counter protestor gets knocked out and suffers concussion after being hit in the head three times by a metal object in Oregon

Antifa harass and assault Gavin McIness speech attendees, try to shut down him speaking- Video inside

12 Y/O gets attacked on school bus for wearing MAGA hat, then gets suspended. Politically motivated

Black Supremacist murders five Dallas police officers, manifesto says he wanted to kill whites

Anti-Trump protesters block ambulance with critically ill man in back. Cops try to remove man blocking ambulance. Man pushes cop, gets arrested and EMTs are forced to perform life saving procedure in Ambulance and not at hospital

Leftist group at UCF holds fight club open to everyone one but Republicans because they’re the target

Cal State Professor assaults Republican student

Shia Labeouf arrested and charged with assault at his anti-Trump protest

Pro-choice woman arrested after shoving wet, used tampon in mouth of pro-life activist

ICE protestor throws fireworks in ICE patrol car, sets it on fire, gets arrested. Austin, TX

71 Y/O female staffer of Rep. Rohrbacher (R) knocked unconscious by ATI-Trump protestors at his congressional office

VIDEO: Man pulls MSR on another man with Trump flag, threatens him

North Carolina GOP offices fire bombed during 2016 election

Protesters turn violent with police at #notmypresident rally in Portland. Over a dozen arrested

College protesters send lecturer/professor to ER

ANTIFA arrests following violent protests in Portland

Man shoves dollars down Republican Congressmans collar at town hall

Kathy Griffin poses with bloody, decapitated head of Trump

Shakespeare in the Park in NYC does Julius Caesar, Trump gets stabbed by senators

College Female attacked by male for wearing MAGA Hat

Republican Majority Whip survives attempted assassination attempt

Gay Trump Supporters kicked out of gay pride event for liking Trump

Penzey’s Spice maker CEO say Trump voters must be punished, are racist

Woman creates boycott list of business’ that MAY have supported Trump in Pittsburgh

Business refuses service to Republicans/ Trump supporters

“There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world”

Twitter explodes with Trump Assassination fantasies

Grubhub to Trump Supporter employees-resign

Mother commits child abuse over son liking Trump

Secession plans for Oregon and California due to Trump

Democratic strategist Symone Sanders mocks Chicago guy beat up for supporting Trump

Hollywood writer of Raging Bull/Taxi Driver calls for violence and to arm against Trump

25 DEC 2016: Drexel professor tweets “all I want for Christmas is white genocide.”

26 DEC 2016: Chris Kluwe, former Vikings Punter, writes a letter “#### Donald…#### his family…#### his supporters…”

MTV New Years Resolution for white Guys

University of Wisconsin African-American studies course 405 “The Problem with Whiteness”

Hawaii cafe bans Trump supporter

Georgetown University professor has month long social media melt down against old colleague who voted Trump calling her all sorts of names

HIV+ Charlie Sheen takes to Twitter after Debbie Reynolds death and pleads to God for Trump to be next

Leftist slander Milo, Chicago Review of Books bans Simon and Schuster from their reviews due to them publishing his semi-autobiography (they reveal they hate the 1st amendment and facts)

Senator McCaskill has a sexist message for men

University of Wisconsin offers classes teaching the negatives of Masculinity

Multiple left-wing news personalities dismiss a clearly racist angle about a white man kidnapped and tortured by four black perps

Feminist calls for the killing of all males and male babies

CEO of TimeShareCMO slams middle America (Trump supporters) saying “no educated person wants to live in a ####hole with stupid people” then begins to accuse them of being bigots and misogynistic with #### schools

Left-wingers slam Jeff Sessions for holding Asian toddler before his senate hearing. One says the girl is a prop stolen from Toys ‘r Us. Turns out it’s his biological granddaughter

Joss Whedon (Hollywood director) wants Paul Ryan to be ####ed to death by a rhino

DisruptJ20: organized hate against the attendees of the inauguration and the inauguration itself

Ivanka Trump harassed on plane by liberal professor

Rosie O’Donnell insidiously suggests Baron Trump has autism, forced to apologize later

Comedy Central writer Stephan Spinola tweets “Barron Trump looks like a date rapist to be.” And talks about Barron raping his mother

Chelsea Handler: FLOTUS can’t come on my show because she barely speaks English

USSS investigates burlesque dancer for Trump assassination tweet

DNC Chair candidate bashes white people in forum

Screen Shot:Another Anti-Trumper who happens to be a criminal posts on FB #### about Barron Trump, incest/pedo Bull####

Three turds threaten to shoot man over front yard Trump sign

20 y/o BU student is so smart she posted video of her stealing Trump signs, gets busted

CEO of Magnatone Amps Ted Kornblum tweets trump will get a bullet to the head

Times reporter (UK paper) tweets about assassinating Trump

German newspaper editor writes of murder in the White House

Video: BLM activist preschool teacher calls for whites to hand over their money and houses and wants to kill white people and the white house

GQ: white people need to be better

Sarah Silverman calls for military coup against Trump

Ex-Obama official suggests military coup against Trump

VIDEO: Liberal professor screams at NYPD calling them all sorts of names for protecting Gavin McInnes and his attendees

12,000 Tweets calling for Trump assassination

VIDEO: BLM chants “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”

White Antifa call black heckler “Uncle Tom”

Republican law makers see growing hostility, one had to be given police escort out of town hall meeting

Tennessee Teacher fired for Facebook rant: ” only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos blocked by protesters from entering school and from leaving. One jumps on vehicle

BLM leader says whites are sub human

Joy Villa gets death threats, called a “coon” and “Uncle Tom” for wearing MAGA dress to Grammy awards

Secretary DeVos under US Marshall protection due to too many threats

College Students shut down lecture on anti-police violence

Sec. Ed. DeVos receives more death threats than any other one before with a security cost of 8 million thus far

Maine Democrats laugh at rising rates of white suicide

VIDEO: California Democrat Chair leads Democrats with “#### Trump” and middle fingers before the head of the DNC, Tom Perez, speaks. Also calls out a protester being a #### disturber while encouraging democrats to protest republicans

Republicans facing death threats, have their dead children mocked, and get boos for saying rights come from God

Ken Jennings from Jeopardy mocks Barron Trump over his reaction of seeing Kathy Griffin holding decapitated Trump head covered in blood

Here’s a few more examples from Sean Hannity.

There’s more… but you’ve got other things to do. Share this list with any liberal who thinks you’re exaggerating about how dangerous it is to be a conservative in America today.


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