The liberals continually make demonstrably fake claims of racism. And some of them are really crazy. CNN’s Jeff Toobin claimed that verbal attacks on the Terrorist group ANTIFA are racist.  Many on the conservative side of the block, learned that during eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency every time someone disagreed with one of his policies it was because of some deep seeded racism. A document put out by the University of California which seeks to help students recognize so-called microaggressions, “I believe the most qualified person should get the job,” “America is the land of opportunity” and my personal favorite the document says it is racist to say, “I’m not racist.”

If you think all that is crazy, check this out. The left-wing magazine The Atlantic has decided that white men having beards is indisputable evidence of racism. Chalk this up as another entry in the left’s “Everything is Racist” category. That’s right, America. If you are a white man with a beard, your facial hair is proof that you are an unrepentant racist… or something.  We learn this foolishness that only a university graduate could think in the magazine’s piece entitled “The Racially Fraught History of the American Beard.”

You see that, white folks? Your beard is “fraught” with racism.

I guess no human being ever had a beard until racist, white, Americans came into being, huh? At least, that is what The Atlantic seems to think, anyway.

Get a load of this facile “thinking”:

What follows is the lost story of American facial hair. Like countless other histories, it is rife with contradictions. It begins with white Americans at the time of the Revolution who derided barbering as the work of “inferiors.” It continues with black entrepreneurs who turned it into a source of wealth and prestige. And it concludes with the advent of the beard—a fashion born out of desperation but transformed into a symbol of masculine authority and white supremacy.



Come on, Atlantic. You can’t really be that stupid, can you?

How is it “racist” not to get a shave and a haircut?  Because The Atlantic explains, white slave owners used to get their grooming at the hands of their slaves. And even in the north, barbering became a job that freed blacks did… or… or something.

So is the Atlantic stating that this guy was a racist?

Now, this guy WAS a racist, and he didn’t have a beard.



The Atlantic noted that some able black barbers parlayed their skills into lucrative businesses:

Despite these criticisms, a number of 19th-century barbers parlayed their work into economic independence, and in a few cases, investments that brought them extraordinary wealth. In a number of U.S. cities, African-American barbers ranked among the richest and most powerful members of the free black community.

So, wasn’t barbering a good thing, then? How is it racist for blacks to become wealthy?

Ah, but it’s racist, see because after blacks got wealthy, whites clamped down to ace them out of their jobs. See, you racists? And then white immigrants from Europe came and further constricted the market for blacks to make a living from cutting hair.

So, with all this, racist men had to start learning to shave themselves. And because it was such a chore, they began to grow beards.

No, I’m serious. This is The Atlantic’s premise. White American’s started growing beards because they were too racist to go to a black barber. This is precisely what this pile of hooey is saying!

Speaking for myself (Jeff) I grow a beard because I am too lazy to shave. But when my wife insists on it, I do shave.

My Wife? Oh, but wait, it isn’t just racist white men were revealing with their luxurious beards. Why, heck, it was hate for women, too!

As historian Sarah Gold McBride contends, beards were one response to a growing women’s rights movement, typified by the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention. Faced with threats to their prerogative, men grew beards “to codify a distinctly male appearance when other traditional markers of masculinity were no longer stable or certain.”

See? You white beard wearers are all sexists, too.

These people really are sick.

Now, the fact is, genetics plays a bigger part in beards than even being male does. Who do I say that? Because many men just cannot grow beards. Facial hair for literally billions of men on this planet come out sparse and wiry. Many, many men couldn’t grow a serviceable beard if they wanted to.

But all this aside, it seems that this idiotic article is claiming that white Americans invented beard wearing merely because they are racists. But, beards have been a staple in every corner of the world since there were people.

Only a liberal, university-trained fool could have come up with this concept.

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