In the days of the USSR, the leaders believed their communist policies were perfect. Therefore if someone disagreed with their perfection, they were deemed crazy and thrown into a mental institution. Is that beginning to happen here in the US?

This story concerns a student at Georgetown Law who asked a series of intelligent and wholly serious questions (none of which were “conspiracy theory” comments) about the school’s coronavirus policies. But instead of answering them thoughtfully, Dean of Students Mitch Bailin lashed out at the student. He targeted the kid for destruction because he dared even question the school’s unscientific and obscene policies.

The story is highlighted in a series of tweets by Rachel Jessica Wolff that should cause your blood to boil if you are at all interested in American freedom and liberty.

Apparently, the audacity to question Georgetown’s completely illogical and dystopian COVID policies was evidence of a “psychiatric” problem — and grounds to prevent a student from ever becoming an attorney.

— Rachel Jessica Wolff (@RachelJessWolff) March 5, 2023

Sound familiar? I wonder if Leonid Brezhnev running Georgetown. It’s the same strategy.

Georgetown knew it was in the wrong. It hoped to bully this student into submission and compliance. Shameful.

— Rachel Jessica Wolff (@RachelJessWolff) March 5, 2023

Fox News covered the story without mentioning the student’s name. All of a sudden, the school said he was sane.

These leftists are all tyrants to the core.

The lockdowns did not work.
The masks did not work.
Vaccines did not work and caused far more damage than admitted.

Nothing these power-mad, left-wing dictators did have any salubrious effect on the scamdemic.

What did work is that these tyrants found out that they could do outrageous things to squash people, and no one would ever hold them accountable. But when a bullying university is embarrassed in national media, it’s incredible how quickly they fold.

The danger of COVID was not the number of people it killed directly over the last few years. It is the millions it will kill since governments realized they can summarily eliminate freedom and treat the people like subjects, not free men.

During the pandemic, the government gave us false information and took away our freedoms. Other public institutions like universities followed their lead.

To ensure that it doesn’t happen again, those who supported the tyrannical covid actions, both governmental and other institutions, must be stopped. Every candidate running in 2024 should be asked how they plan to ensure it gets stopped. If they don’t have a solution, we must vote for a candidate who does. We need to ensure our elected officials protect our freedoms.


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