leftist agitator John Sullivan

A left-wing activist named John Sullivan, who claimed he went to DC to document the Capitol riot, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday. According to the FBI affidavit, he faces federal charges of civil disorder, entering a restricted building, and violent entry or disorderly conduct.  Sullivan is the leader of an organization called Insurgence USA, through which he organizes protests.

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This isn’t John Sullivan’s first violent riot. In July,  he was charged with rioting and criminal mischief by Provo Utah law enforcement after organizing a June 30 protest in which one man was shot and injured. That case is still pending.

Sullivan’s statements inciting the crowd outside and inside the capitol are in the FBI affidavit below. It’s all on video. It isn’t pretty and contains harsh language. For example, Sullivan can be heard saying as rioters climb a wall, “You guys are f—–g savage. Let’s go!”  Inside the Capitol, he tells the protestors, “We gotta get this s–t burned. He also says, “it’s our house m———–s” and “we are getting this s–t” as he roamed the building, according to court papers.

The video was provided to the FBI by Sullivan himself.  A portion of the entire video with all of the worst clips discussed in the affidavit was posted by Sullivan on Youtube and embedded below. He was turned into the FBI by his brother James.

What are the odds the mainstream media covers this one? The odds are the same as the NY Jets winning the Superbowl this year.


CNN won’t report it because one of their reporters was involved.

Sullivan argued with the Capitol police.

Posoboic is linking to the affidavit embedded below.

John Sullivan was not the only person who incited the crowd on January 6 and we don’t know if he was the only leftist involved.  On the other hand, the Trump-haters’ claim that there were no leftist agitators involved in the riot is false.

This story, combined with the timeline of the capitol attack, and the Washington Post report that the day before the riot, the FBI issued a warning that extremists were traveling to Washington to commit violence and “war,”  and Trump’s own words prove that he had no role in inciting the crowd.  In other words, this week’s impeachment was a fraud.

The video and FBI affidavit are below. Reminder, each of them contains harsh language.

Sullivan Complaint Affidavit by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd

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leftist agitator John Sullivan