Leftists are calling President Trump “Putin’s Puppet,” but here they are behaving like the Mullah’s Muppets. Left blames Trump

The Iranian Mullahs can only dream of coming up with propaganda like this.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

There’s a whole lotta stupid out there, kiddos.

The leftist media are twisting themselves in knots to mourn the death of a terrorist who has not just the blood of American troops on his hands, but the blood of his fellow Iranians protesting the authoritarian regime that elevated him.

For Chris Matthews, Qasem Soleimani wasn’t just a General of the Iranian Republican Guard Corps Quds Force, he was a revered figure — a celebrity. The airstrike killing Soleimani was like the death of Elvis or Princess Diana.


Mr. Tinkle Down His Leg is still so enamored by President Obama that he is afraid that Barry’s atrocious policy of appeasement to Iran will be replaced by Trump’s policy of deterrence, that he’s willing to wax poetic on the death of a bloody murderer.


But as horrible as that was, journos and blue-checkmarks decided to have a “Limbo Challenge” with their hot takes on the horrific tragedy that killed 176 innocent people when Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane as it was taking off from the Tehran airport.

First up, non-journalist but a verified 2020 Presidential Hopeful, Preachy Pete Buttigieg.


WaPo’s faux “conservative” Jennifer Rubin suggested that the harsh rhetoric from Trump and Pompeo made the Iranians “jumpy.”

That’s totally reasonable, right?

How many times have you been jumpy and then shot down a 737? It could happen to anyone, right?

Of course, the only Republican Ms. Rubin ever liked was mittens. And the senator from Utah doesn’t get along with the president because he has taken over the role of the late John McCain.


Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law prof says that the Iranians were “trigger-happy” only because of Trump taking out Soleimani. Clearly, Tribe is not a History professor.

Some of those blue-checks were all saying that the plane went down because of “crossfire.” Whether used literally or figuratively, the word “crossfire” is a ridiculous choice as my friend Omri Ceren pointed out.

CNN’s national security analyst, Susan Hennessey, has said that civilians are at risk when there are “escalations” and mocks conservatives for calling out reporters for using the word “crossfire.”

Former Senator from California Barbara “Please Call Me Senator, General” Boxer says that President Trump should have realized that Iran would accidentally shoot down a Ukrainian passenger plane. Proving once again why she was considered the dumbest person in the Senate:


Associated Press White House reporter tweets out a story that lays the blame on Trump, not Iran.

An Iranian general dies in U.S. attack, and innocents suffer https://t.co/BtwDc0aqYt

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) January 10, 2020

Obnoxious, racist über-leftist former Congressional candidate Saira Rao gave her awful take that President Trump and America are the real terrorists.

Journalist and former war correspondent, Sig Christenson, also used the word “crossfire.”

Former journalist turned “communications professional” George Koshy repeated the “crossfire” but added in a retweet of the heartbreaking image of a child’s shoe at the crash site.

Doesn’t that sound like Iranian propaganda? Sure it does.

You’d think the people that autistically screech that Trump is spouting Russian propaganda would be absolute experts on what propaganda is.

And they are experts… of a sort.

They’re so good at being apologists for the authoritarian Iranian regime that they may even outdo the Iranians. Frankly, I don’t think that the Ayatollah himself could have come up with this one — Seth Abramson from Newsweek suggests that Iran may have shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane because they were watching Hannity.

No, really.

Good heavens! Is that Trump Derangement Syndrome or Fox Derangement Syndrome? Yeesh!

And it’s not limited to just American leftist journos.

This “well respected” anchor for Canada’s state broadcaster, CBC, also tried to blame Trump.

She shouldn’t have drunk all that Molsen before the newscast.

That is some effed up stuff, man!

If you think about it for just 5 seconds, you’ll realize how utterly ridiculous it is to blame Trump for the Iranians not bothering to halt all flights as they fired off missiles into fields in Iraq. That’s pretty stupid.

But those on the left are still acting as though the Islamic Republic of Iran is a reasonable, rational player on the world stage.

One Twitter user with the handle Aldous Huxley’s Ghost reminds us exactly who the mainstream media and their Democrat comrades are propping up with their propaganda.

When you’re convinced that “Orange Man Bad” you can come running to the defense of that idiot slapping himself in the head.

Good job, leftists!

The leftist media often complain that President Trump calls them “the enemy of the people.” Here’s an idea, mainstream journos: maybe don’t act like the enemy of the people and you won’t be called the enemy of the people.

Left blames Trump

Left blames Trump