The news reports about CoronaVirus as with any national or worldwide crises can bring a collective funk upon our national psyche.  Face it need to have a good laugh at the expense of that crisis. Some of us remember 9/11 when one of the tests of how resilient the national psyche was included our ability to tell jokes again. Even jokes about *gasp* that. With CoronaVirus as with all national crises, the question becomes, “is it too soon to joke about it? Comedian Norm McDonald says, no it isn’t. laughing at CoronaVirus

Perhaps the best comedy routine about when to tell jokes during a national tragedy was given by Anthony Jeselnik

 I like to test myself by joking about horrible things and nothing but. One of my favorite ways to test myself, I like to joke about tragedies the day that they happen. The day they happen. I don’t believe in too soon. I’m on a tight schedule. And I’m good at it. I’m good at it. Like, the day of… the day of the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie theater shooting. The day it happened, I went online, I went on Twitter, and I tweeted “Other than that, how was the movie?” Right? Right? Nailed it. Nailed it.

The full routine is the third video below (please note: rough language)

Before we get to Jeselnik. We’ve now got ourselves another ‘generational’ crisis on our hands.  The first two videos are parts one and two of a Norm MacDonald stand-routine leading the way for America by laughing in the face of the China CoronaVirus. He must have filmed this just before everything got shut down. (please note: the Norm videos use rough language also).

Here’s the rest of it:


Anthony Jeselnik: 

Parts of this post were first seen at Clash Daily