Even people on the political left have noticed that these legal attacks on Trump seem more motivated by taking Trump off the chessboard than they do serving any legitimate legal purpose.

It smells of desperation on the part of the left.

But Trump has been playing high-stakes games for a long time… and has proven adaptable in these situations.

They want to lock Trump down to New York so he can’t campacan’tn swing states?

Be careful what you ask for… New York has 28 electoral college votes. Are you sure you want Trump to focus his campaign on pointing out the pain Biden’s harBiden’s policies have created in the Big Apple?

After his court appearance, he popped over to a bodega in Harlem for a press conference that was absolutely PACKED with news cameras… more than we probably would have seen had a rally in some farmer’s fifarmer’sennsylvania or Wisconsin.

And he gave Harlem something they haven’t had for a very long time… evidence of a politician who understood the real-world pain political policy was unleashing at the neighborhood level.

Watch the crowd’s reacrowd’ss. The motorcade visits a bodega.

When you hear the 4 more years and the cheering, remember—this is Harlem.

Yes, THAT Harlem.

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