You should notice that the extremist, left-wing Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass only sent in the police to break up the Nazi Hamas supporters at UCLA when Jewish students began to organize a response on campus.

Let’s not be shy about saying exactly what this means, shall we?

It means that Bass was perfectly OK with Hamas Nazis roaming the UCLA campus, destroying things, violating people civil rights, yelling death to Jews and death to America.

But when Jewish students finally had enough of the intimidation and began to organize to reply up close and in person, suddenly Bass was all about restoring law and order.

When non-students colluded with some few UCLA students to mount this disruption, Karen Bass wasn’t perturbed.

When these leftist reactionaries flooded onto the campus and took over buildings and began screaming hate-filled slogans, Karen Bass found nothing to worry about.

When these Nazi Hamas lovers beat up a Jewish girl on campus and sent her to the hospital, Bass didn’t see a reason to send in the police.

When Jewish students were prevented from getting to class or enjoying full access to the campus paid for by state taxpayers, Karen bass was calm as could be.

This went on for days, of course. But the second a few young Jews began standing up for themselves, suddenly it’s like an emergency has erupted and Bass is all about putting down the rebellion.

I mean, after all… we can’t have those pesky Jews sticking up for themselves and refusing a repeat of Kristallnacht, after all.

Not on Karen Bass’s watch, baby!

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