Kimberley Strassel is taking the Democrats and The New York Times apart for yet another embarrassing fail with Australia–What are they hiding about 2016?

It’s heartening to see mainstream conservatives like Kim Strassel calling the Democrats and the MSM out.



We love it when Kimberely Strassel takes the time to come on Twitter and make the media and Democrats look like the desperate, partisan hacks they’ve become.

Like what she did here with the New York Times and the Democrats and their embarrassing Australia bombshell fail …

Bombshell. Heh.

It sounds way better to suggest Trump is trolling Mueller because then they can pretend Mueller really did have something on him or that he was upset about the report since he’s still hiding stuff … blah blah blah.

By this point we all know what their silly little narrative sounds like. More

Democrats and their goons in the MSM have been grasping at imaginary straws for the last 3 years. Every time it’s “this is it” and every time it’s nothing. You’d think they’d learn eventually. But I guess they are just too self-important and smug to see how stupid they really are.




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