On Sunday, Katie Williams, a combat veteran and a member of the Army National Guard, said she was stripped of her title of Miss Nevada 2019 and disqualified from competing in the Ms. America pageant because of her conservative, pro-Trump political views (yes it’s Ms. America, not Miss America).

This reportedly happened AFTER Williams was encouraged to get a photo of herself in her sash with President Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. per CBN:

“I feel like if I have more liberal views and less conservative views then this wouldn’t even be an issue. She assured me that that was not the case. And yet as soon as I turn around there are posts about the Human Rights Campaign, which are great. I’m all for the Human Rights Campaign. But for them to not say anything about that and then for them to criticize me for supporting my sitting president? I couldn’t even believe it,”

Screenshots of what was described as her online conversation with Susan Jeske, CEO of the Ms. America Pageant, were posted to Twitter. Ms. Jake also wanted her to wear her sash and get a picture with Rep. Dan Crenshaw because “Congressman Crenshaw is cute with his eye patch too!”


It appears that Williams may have been the victim of a set-up.

Williams noted on Twitter:

She also posted her email to Jeske in which she observed what seems to be a distinct double standard:

She addressed the issue in a video posted online:

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, at the end of July Miss World America stripped conservative Kathy Zhu of her Miss Michigan title over her conservative political tweets, And I am sure Katie Williams won’t be the last. Viewpoint discrimination against conservatives and those who support the president is now considered okay by the very people who claim to decry bigotry and prejudice.

God help us.

Much of this post was first seen at Conservative Firing Line