Legislators in the states of Iowa and Kansas have enacted measures to place bans on transgenderism.

Both houses in Kansas, for instance have passed a ban on sex change hormones and puberty blockers for minors. Naturally, the leftist Democrat Gov., Laura Kelly, is pledging to veto the bill.

This is the second time the legislature has passed a bill to do this. Kelly vetoed that one, as well.

Per The Hill:

The state Senate on Wednesday passed this year’s bill, Senate Bill 233, with a veto-proof majority, while the House, which advanced the measure in an 82-39 party-line vote, fell slightly short. Two House Republicans that were absent for Wednesday’s vote — state Reps. Michael Houser and Samantha Poetter Parshall — have previously voted in favor of the legislation and would give the House the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto.

If Republicans succeed in overriding a likely veto from Kelly, Kansas will be the 25th state to ban gender-affirming care for minors, and the third to do so this year. Laws restricting access to care in at least four states are not currently being enforced because they are tied up in the courts.

“Today, the Senate took a firm stand in support of helping and not harming children by making it clear that radical transgender ideology and the mutilation of minors is not legal nor welcome in Kansas,” state Senate President Ty Masterson said.

Lawmakers in Idaho also moved to ban transgenderism. But in Idaho, the gov. signed the bill into law.

House Bill 668, prohibits coverage of hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and surgical procedures “to affirm the individual’s perception” of their sex or gender and prevents government-owned facilities from offering such treatments.

Idaho Governor Brad Little celebrated the signing, saying, “Hardworking taxpayers should not be forced to pay for an adult’s sex reassignment surgery.”

“Those who intentionally violate the law could face misuse of public funds charges, which carry a penalty of up to $10,000 in fines and imprisonment between one and 14 years,” The Hill added.

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