Here we go again. This time led by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the liberal MSM is once again inventing ways to show Donald Trump’s inhumanity when it comes to the treatment of illegal aliens who tried to sneak across the U.S. border.

In May, The Young Turks ran photographs of migrant children sleeping in fenced-in enclosures that they described as cages. The pictures were used to bludgeon the administration for its heartless policy of separating children from their families.

The only problem with the photos is that they were taken in 2014. Now, class: Who was president in 2014? (It’s also worth noting as a sidebar that House minority leader Nancy Pelosi — who jumped on the Trump-bashing bandwagon — had warned against politicizing the policy when it was carried out under Barack Obama.)

Flash forward to Tuesday and the latest round of the Left’s galling hypocrisy. This time the prop is a video of border agents emptying out gallon containers of water left in the desert by a Tuscon-based aid group.

As the video runs with background commentary by MSNBC’s in-house bigot Joy Reid, the chyron at the bottom of the screen reminds us that a 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died of dehydration after a days-long trek through the desert without water. To be fair, it is appropriate that this reminder runs because the child’s death, though tragic, was not the fault of the Border Patrol, which did everything in its power to save her once she and her father were picked up.

But as for the video, it was shot in 2011, when Barack Obama was in his first term as President.


Joy Reid is a farce. She tries to project herself as a “tolerant” liberal, while at the same time she tries to project that President Trump is a bigot. But the opposite is true.

The correlation between bigotry and stupidity has been widely observed. It’s a different kind of ignorance because it’s not a result of being born with a lack of brain power but “self-imposed” idiocy. Bigots are choosing to be haters; thus they are choosing stupidity.  Over the past year, the actions of MSNBC host Joy Reid have confirmed that she’s a bigot. Joy Reid’s actions have also confirmed that she’s nasty.  And while stupid is terrible and nasty is awful,  the combination of stupid and nasty puts a person beyond repair.

Joy Reid is supposed to be a professional, instead, she is an amateur who is beyond repair.

Joy Reid


Much of this post was first seen at Liberty Unyielding. 

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