Tiffany Cross, a panelist on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” show, declared the MAGA hats to be comparable to the swastika and that it’s time the media start calling supporters of the president for what they really are – racists. Perhaps Ms. Cross hasn’t been paying attention because the media has been falsely labeling Trump supporters racists since he came down the Trump Tower escalator and announced his candidacy four years ago.

Cross’s comments came up in an on-air discussion with bigoted host Joy Reid,  claiming Trump was stoking racial tensions via his verbal attacks on the “Squad.”

I think that this is something that his supporters — and we have to start calling his supporters racists as well. That MAGA hat – that MAGA symbol has come to represent something. It is the new Nazi symbol – it is the new hood, the Klan hood.”

Really? MAGA  is the new Nazi? What if it’s on a yarmulke like the Lid of this Yid?

Wearing a MAGA hat doesn’t make one a racist, or a bigot. After all, her host Joy Reid doesn’t wear one. Joy Reid has herself v to be homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, anti-Christian and anti-Catholic. The woman is such a hater that it may be easier to explain who she doesn’t hate—but Reid doesn’t wear a MAGA hat.

In the video above Cross, the Managing Editor of The Beat DC a website “intersecting politics, policy, business, media, and people of color,” not only slanders Trump supporters and people who wear MAGA hats but shows a lack of understanding of American History

She claims that thanks to the Republicans, white supremacists have been in Congress for decades.

This did not begin with Trump’s presidency. This is the President the Republican Party created for the past few decades. Long before Trump came into office, you had white supremacists roaming the halls of Congress

She’s right about the white supremacists, but they’ve mostly been Democrats. Such as the late Democratic Senator Robert Byrd. It was the Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights laws of the 1960s.  It was the Democratic party elected racist presidents such as Woodrow Wilson who segregated the military; elected FDR who rounded up Japanese Americans and put them in camps, wouldn’t let Jews fleeing Hitler come to the U.S., or when inviting the 1936 Olympians to the White House didn’t invite the great Jesse Owens. Most recently it was Democrat Barack Obama whose DOJ dropped a case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation because they didn’t believe that a Black person could commit a racist crime, and whose administration was the most anti-Semitic presidency since the FDR mentioned above.

This isn’t the first time Cross has uttered stupidity on the racist Joy Reid show. In March of 2018, she claimed that when people used the word “Chicago,” they were racist. “I think with the Republican Party Chicago is their euphemism or subtext for ‘black,’ and we should just call that out for what it is.”

Well, that’s it for now, I am going to turn on my TV and watch some of my favorite shows, Black Med, Black Fire, and Black PD. Afterward, I plan on watching some MLB baseball—I understand the Black Cubs are playing this afternoon.