I have often mentioned on these pages that I have the honor of being a board member of the great Zionist Organization, Herut North America. This Hanukkah Herut is going to Israel, and you can come too.
Hanukkah embodies Zionism, World Herut’s Mission and Vision for the State of Israel, and our people’s right to live and thrive in our ancestral homeland. We invite you to join us on this modern-day Maccabee tour of Israel to learn about our 3000 years of Zionist history, celebrate 75 years of our modern state, and celebrate Hanukkah as an Israeli in our homeland. We have special speakers, such as the President of the Supreme Court of the Likud, a Jerusalem geopolitical tour with leading security experts. We have off-the-beaten-path tours in Judea and Samaria, local Hanukkah celebrations, and much more. Visit us at www.IsraelatHanukah.com to learn more and register for the ultimate Zionist Tour of Israel.