Team Joe thought that they were clever with their “Joementum” hashtag. But there are some even more creative people out there who make some fantastic memes.

Joe Biden’s campaign is desperately trying to prop up a stumbling, fumbling, confused, and creepy former Vice President who is taking his third shot to clinch the Democratic nomination.

It’s a Herculean task.

But they think that they might have managed to find a clever hashtag that would get their candidate to not look like the confused, doddering old man with one foot in the grave — a play on the word “momentum” with Joe’s name attached to it.


The #JoeMentum hashtag was being used alongside the hashtag #JoeMentia.


The Biden camp seems to be really fond of it, though.

After Sleepy Joe’s surprisingly good showing on Super Tuesday, his campaign created a new “Joementum” video. This one a clip of Joe saying, “I ain’t dead and I’m not gonna die” which they ended by dropping down his signature aviator shades on him.

It was quickly mocked by meme-makers who found other clips of Joe worked just as well in that format.


Here’s the problem with Joe’s claim that he “ain’t dead and isn’t going to die” — at the end of January he had said on the campaign trail that his choice for Veep is really important because he’s “an old guy.”


Sleepy Joe does seem really old. It’s not just his doddering, rambling, and confusion, it’s also his discussions of Corn Pop, record players, stock market coupons, and haberdasheries.

Do you know who doesn’t seem old?

President Trump.

He even says so himself — he’s a young, vibrant man.

President Trump certainly looks and acts decades younger than Sleepy Joe.

What would a Biden administration look like? President Trump has been addressing that in his recent appearance at CPAC and at a rally in North Carolina.

He said that if Biden wins, he’d be put in a home and watch TV while young radicals would run the country.

Biden has been making deals all over the place including with Preachy Pete and magic dirt-eater Beto. Do you think that either of them would let a career politician who doesn’t even know what state he’s in or the most memorable line in the Declaration of Independence to run things? Probably not.

Maybe Sleepy Joe should be concerned about the deals that he’s making to beat Bernie.


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