Joe Biden’s re-election campaign was forced to cancel an upcoming fundraiser event in Wisconsin after they found out that all the top donors were pulling out and refusing to open their checkbooks for the bumbling, senile, coot in chief.

According to the left-wing New York Times, Biden’s fundraising machine is sputtering to a halt in the wake of his disastrous debate performance.

The paper claims that his events are “in jeopardy” since the TV debate that made him look like the aged wreck that he has been for years — a condition that the media meticulously denied and covered up throughout his presidency.

Per the Times:

The Biden campaign had discussed sending Mr. Biden to Wisconsin for a late July fund-raiser, according to three people briefed on the plans. But donors who had committed to giving large sums and attending began withdrawing soon after the debate ended.

The campaign had hoped to raise $1 million from the event, but after the debate, campaign officials reset the event’s goal to $500,000, according to one person involved in arranging it. Even that proved to be more than Wisconsin donors were willing to give to Mr. Biden. Plans for the event are now off.

Naturally, the cash flow situation can easily change.

Right now, a lot of deep-pocketed donors are saying that they don’t want to give Biden any more money.

But that will change if it ultimately becomes clear that he won’t quit the race and will be standing for re-election in Nov. despite his obvious mental incapacities.

These fearful donors may yet win their battle to have Biden step down and be replaced. But if they don’t, they will more than likely go back to giving big bucks to Biden because beating Trump will take precedence to their worries about Biden.

Right now, though, it is a standoff.

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