Many people will find this story unbelievable because they believe Biden would never overspend. Those people need help.

Joe Biden not only has the most extensive White House staff in history, he has also spent more than any past president to pay them. He has even topped Barack Obama’s bloated White House staff.

Government spending watchdog group OpentheBooks recently revealed the outrageous costs of Biden’s White House payroll, saying,” The top paid is Demetre C. Daskalakis ($260,718), Deputy Coordinator for the Monkeypox Response. The second most highly paid is Anand H. Das ($216,414), Senior Deputy Associate Counsel. Both were previously stationed at federal agencies (the Center for Disease Control and the Securities and Exchange Commission, respectively) and now serve the White House ‘on detail.”

No White House ever employed 500 staffers until Biden became president. The Biden White House employed 560 in FY2021 and 474 in FY2022. In 2023, the headcount increased by 50 to 524.[keeping in mind his age, he might have been the reason he over-hired.It might be because he wanted many people to play pickleball with. Now that he understands no  pickles are involved, and it is prevalent in senior communities/

Biden employs 108 more staffers than Trump (416) (FY2019) and 70 more than Obama (454) (FY2011) at the same point in their respective presidencies.

There was a 46% turnover in White House staff, year over year. 220 employees from last year are no longer on the payroll. Last year the turnover rate was 39%. Not all of the people who left were from Kamala’s office.

The turnover in Biden’s third year is 10% higher than the 36% turnover in 2019, Trump’s third year.

Jill Biden’s staff more than doubled from last year (8) to 20 this year.

I wonder how much they are all chipping in for “the big guy”?

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