Joe Biden’s Navy is collapsing, and the latest blow is the news that nearly 40 percent of America’s attack submarines are out of commission because they have broken down and haven’t been fixed.

Joe Biden is leaving this country in more danger every day he sits in the White House.

According to data released by the Congressional Research Service, 37 percent of the Navy’s subs are out of commission, citing “supply chain” issues.

According to the Free Beacon:

The statistic demonstrates the extent of U.S. naval unpreparedness for a potential war with China. The U.S. Naval Institute said in May that China’s Navy is the largest in the world and is expected to grow to 440 “battle force” ships by 2030, while the United States will sit at 290 battle force ships the same year. Dozens of Pentagon war games published last month revealed the United States is unprepared for a “horrifically bloody” war with China.

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang said last month the United States is “not prepared to fight China.”

“It’s not just a question of having a larger Navy than ours,” Chang told Fox Business. “It’s also a question that they have types of weapons that we don’t have and which right now we have no defenses for.”

Meanwhile, Biden is still cutting budgets for our military. And the Navy is slowly eliminating ships, making the force smaller than it has been in decades.

All this just as China is vastly expanding its Navy and threatening to destroy the U.S.A.


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