According to a new government report, Joe Biden is costing the U.S. taxpayer more than $451 billion a year to care for illegal immigrants that have been released inside the country.

The warning of the steep costs comes from the House Homeland Security Committee interim staff report released this week, according to the New York Post.

“Every day, millions of American taxpayer dollars are spent on costs directly associated with illegal immigration and the unprecedented crisis at the Southwest border sparked by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ policies,” the report says.

“Only a small fraction is ever recouped from the taxes paid by illegal aliens, with the rest falling on the shoulders of American citizens and lawful residents,” it continued.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) said that the long report goes into “painstaking detail” about the staggering cost that Biden’s border crisis is visiting on Americans.

With 29 million illegals and more on the way, America is drowning in consequences. Still, no return from the flood of illegals — most of whom have no education, no support, no skills, and come here with diseases and debts to the criminals who helped them get here.

“The bill for government care and housing could total as much as $451 billion per year nationwide for apprehended migrants and known ‘getaways’ who have entered the U.S. since 2021, according to figures the House panel cites from the Center for Immigration Studies,”

The paper added:

Biden, 80, asked Congress last month to pass $14 billion in additional border security funding to aid the processing of migrants, reimburse state and local governments and non-governmental organizations and provide other services.

Republican committee members added that FAIR also found in a comprehensive study this year that federal, state, and local costs of illegal immigration amount to around $182 billion annually — with aliens defraying just $31 billion of that cost in tax revenue.

According to FAIR’s report, state governments are paying $115 billion of that total, while the federal government chips in just $66 billion.

By comparison, the group found in a 2017 study that the topline cost for illegal immigration into the US was $135 billion.

The burden on state and local governments is swamping budgets nationwide.

The flood of illegals is also destroying our healthcare system by foisting tens of thousands of illegals with severe, untreated illnesses on hospitals that are forced to treat these people without ever being paid for their services, all while real Americans do without healthcare because they can’t afford it.

Of course, all of this is a feature, not a bug. Biden’s goal is to entirely destroy this country. And he is succeeding admirably.


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