I  have to admit next January at the end of the Obama administration, there will be a small space in my heart that will cry a tiny tear that Joe Biden will no longer be part of an administration. Let’s face it–the guy is so entertaining. Especially when he says what he means even though what he means is not very appropriate.  That’s why from the beginning of his first term as VP he earned the endearing title of SCHMOTUS, the schmo of the United States.

Joe isn’t slowing down just because he is three months from being out of a job. My college Philip Hodges  wrote about his latest entertaining word play:

“No one ever doubts I mean what I say,” Biden told the audience. “The problem is I say all that I mean.” The crowd laughed, and Biden added:  “But I know some of you, and some of the people you’re trying to convince, aren’t crazy about Hillary.”


“I know that, okay. I think she has gotten an unfair deal,” he said to applause.

I actually agree that she got an unfair deal. Unfair in the sense that she got away with crimes that would have otherwise put her in jail if it had been anyone else. That’s pretty unfair.


But to Biden’s other point about many of Hillary’s supporters not being crazy about her, that’s what happens when candidates are forced on people.


It’s what happened to Republicans in 2012 and 2008. Probably most of John McCain’s voters were not crazy about him, and only voted for him – while they held their nose – to prevent Obama from winning. We see how well that turned out.


And the same was the case in 2012 with Mitt Romney.


Romney and McCain were the establishment’s selections, not the result of voters’ choices.


It would have been interesting to see how things may have turned out had the Democratic National Committee not orchestrated things such that Hillary was artificially propped up, and Bernie Sanders was shafted the way he was. It’s because of political shenanigans like that that people not only don’t trust candidates like Hillary, but they also don’t trust the electoral process.

Joe…I will miss you, there will never be another SCHMOTUS (I hope)

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