The Obama administration went after Michael Flynn extremely hard, destroying his life and reputation in the process. Now, Joe Biden is exposed for what he really knew and when he knew it.  Joe Biden Michael Flynn

Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was 100% on the level. The fact they were even having this conversation was an indication that Obama knew what was going on and approved of his people going after General Flynn.

Imagine if a Republican administration did this.

From the Washington Times:

Michael Flynn’s attorneys said Wednesday former Vice President Joseph R. Biden discussed the Logan Act during an early January 2017 meeting about the investigation into President Trump’s former national security adviser.

A handwritten note by former FBI agent Peter Strzok details a meeting he had with top Obama era officials about the Flynn investigation, Ms. Powell said in a court filing.


Here are the attachments in the tweet, blown up…

The very beginning of the conversation is redacted.

Not mentioned in Techno Fog’s tweet were the first two lines of the unredacted part of Strzok’s notes which can’t be totally understood but seem to say:

Rice-Comey-Yates: Flynn [calls?] other countries

Comey-Yates: Lean forward on [unclass? means unclassifed]

Is that a discussion of unmasking or even worse leaking the calls to the press? What do you think?

What is clear is Joe Biden, and Barack Obama participated in the “planning” of the Flynn interview, and it was Joe Biden who brought up the Logan Act.

Joe is trying to cover his tracks as he lied to George Stephanopoulos. Well, either he lied, or that early-stage dementia caused Biden to forget. When asked about the Flynn investigation, he responded, “I knew nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn.”

He gave a more definitive answer on MSNBC, “I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Flynn”

The newly released Peter Strzok notes prove Joe not only knew but was very much involved. The only remaining question is, was he lying, or is he losing his memory.


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Joe Biden Michael Flynn

Joe Biden Michael Flynn