During his first major campaign speech of the 2024 election season, President Joe Biden revealed that he intends to run a mean-spirited campaign smearing half of America and will lie with abandon.

Let’s start with the significant lie, one meant to smear Donald Trump and every one of his voters.

At one point during his Jan. 5 speech, Biden delivered this bald-faced lie:

Over 140 police officers were injured. Jill and I attended the funerals of police officers who died as a result of the events of that day. Because of Donald Trump’s lies.

This is 100 percent false.

Neither Joe nor his elder-abusing wife attended the funeral of any police officer who died on Jan. 6 during the riot in the Capital.

That is because not a single police officer died that day.

In fact, the ONLY person who died on Jan. 6 was one Trump supporter who was attacked and murdered by the cops.

One of the officers on duty at the Capital did indeed die the day after the riot.

His name was Brian Sicknick. But he died from a stroke, not from anything related to the riot.

Aside from this significant lie, it is clear that Dark Brandon intends to use every chance during this campaign to smear the half of America who voted for Donald Trump. He is going to blast every Trump voter as an anti-American insurrectionist who is an enemy of the country. Brandon will be the first president to run a campaign explicitly calling half of the country evil and not claiming to be a uniter who is running to represent all of America.

Even Abe Lincoln ran a campaign saying he’d preserve the nation!

Yet, Joe Biden is specifically telling America that he is not running to represent them… and by “them,” he means you and me.

So, what is the difference between Joe Biden’s favored Black Lives Matter riots and the few hours of unrest on Jan. 6?

It’s pretty blatant:

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