Joe Biden has once again revealed his abject hatred for Christian and American traditions, this time by banning any expression of Christianity on Easter, one of Christianity’s most sacred holidays.

Remember how the left-wing media kept telling us that Joe Biden was a “devout Catholic”?

Well, Joe may tell people he’s a “deeply” Catholic man — just like the tells a lot of other lies on a near daily basis — but as president he has worked over time to exclude Christianity from his administration.

This time it is with the White House Easter Egg Roll event. Biden has put out the rules for this year’s White House Easter event for kids. And in it, he warns kids not to add any religious symbols or themes to their Easter egg designs.

That’s right. Nothing Christian allowed… on Easter.

Specifically, one of the bullet points for the egg design submissions reads as follows:

  • The Submission must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements.

This is hardly the first time Joe Biden has banished Christianity from events or proclamations that have always been Christian-based events.

For instance, he left out any mention of Christ in his Christmas message… like he always does.

Worse, he said the “Christmas message” was about “quiet reflection” and “silent nights,” not, you know, the birth of Christ.

He also somehow forgot to mention God in his Thanksgiving proclamation… as he always does… despite that every other president we’ve ever had has included a least lip service to God.

And this isn’t even to mention Biden’s misuse of the regulatory state to perpetrate a war on Christians since the day he entered the White House.

Joe Biden is decidedly anti-Christian. And this Easter we get yet another example of it.

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