It finally happened, after two years of whiny questions and insisting that he be the subject of his own stories, the White House on Wednesday pulled press credentials from CNN’s Jim Acosta after he argued with the president over whose opinion was correct, refused to hand over the mike to the next reporter, and pushed away the arm of the  White House Intern who tried to take the microphone at the president’s direction.

Acosta said it was a lie but it certainly looks like he pushed her arm away. Paul Watson slowed down the video of the incident and zoomed in to make the contact more visible. The MSM said it was faked but they were just trying to protect Acosta.


Ah.. Jim you are an ass and besides your boss at CNN and your mother nobody likes you (and I am not sure about your mother)

Just take a look at the reactions to Acosta’s tweet about losing his credentials:

For the full story of Acosta’s embarrassing  behavior in today’s press conference click here

And to watch the incident press play on the video below: