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Yesterday Feb,16, Jeff Dunetz, The Lid, had the honor of guest hosting the Schaftlein Report (see video below). My guest was Richard Battle, award-winning author, speaker, media personality, and advisor to companies and politicians. Most importantly, he’s a resident of the great state of Texas. Richard and I had a great conversation about the hot news of the day.

The topics we discussed included:

  1. AOC Goes to Texas to support the Democrats running against fellow Democrat Henry Cuellar in the primary. That’s usually not good for someone’s political career. AOC is far left, even for a Democrat. Will AOC have any influence in Texas? Do you think she will face rejection from the party? When she was there, she promised that Texas would turn blue one day. Is there any chance that will happen?
  2. Russia-Ukraine  Zelensky claimed Russians were going to attack on the 16th  was he lying or just trying to bring more pressure? Did Biden’s Speech yesterday have any effect? Will the negotiations promised by Putin and Biden work? Russia says they pulled back 10k troops, DHS says they are actually ramping up the number of soldiers.
  3. 3. Economic Freedom. The Heritage Foundation released its report about Economic freedom in the world. They blame Biden for the drop because the U.S. freedom index went down, and the U.S. dropped from the 20th most economically free country in the world to the 25th.
  4.  Oh, Canada? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the emergency powers act against Canada’s freedom convoy. The last time it was used was by his father, Pierre Trudeau, because of terrorists from Quebec who wanted to create a Quebec state. This protest is both peaceful and patriotic, is the use of the act justified? Does Justin just want to increase his power?
  5. Lock Her Up? Durham files a brief indicating her campaign hired a tech firm Neustar Information Service’s Rodney Joffe (per national review), to spy on phone calls from Trump Tower and the White House between Trump and Russia and spin them to make it look like Trump and Putin are BFFs. If Durham charges Hillary Clinton, will she slip away like she did with sending letters designated as classified? Will we have the joy of a Hillary perp walk? In 2020 Biden Campaign paid Neustar $20K. We don’t know if Joffe was involved with Biden’s campaign or that they were spying on Trump.
  6. Energy Inflation. Per the Wall Street Journal, Biden asked Saudi Arabia to produce more Crude to help him lower energy and overall inflation. The Saudi’s told Biden no because of a deal between OPEC and Russia limiting production.
  7. Is America Turning Against Far-Left Policies

Make sure to visit Richard’s website: and consider purchasing his latest book, Life’s Daily Pleasure. A book filled with inspiring nuggets that encourage, inform, entertain, and lift the readers’ spirit with hope for a brighter future.

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Enjoy the video below:

Jeff Dunetz Richard Battle