Few Americans realize the dark history behind the Environmental Protection Agency, created under President Richard Nixon in 1970. Starting with the fact that the EPA’s first director was a Dept. of Justice employee named William Ruckelshaus, who held that position until he was appointed as the Acting Director of the FBI in 1973. Nixon was under investigation for a botched burglary of the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate hotel complex, which we now know was conducted by operatives with ties to the CIA operated by Richard Helms (1966-1973). In 2002, his biographer described Helm as a “gentlemanly planner of assassinations,” which was a real cause of concern for the Agency struggling with a series of “Conspiracy Theories.” The CIA coined that term to cast doubt on anyone who may question any of their activities.

During extreme political turbulence, the UN designated Yasser Arafat as the first leader of a non-governmental organization (NGO). As the new chairman of the PLO, Arafat introduced a new type of radical political logic on November 13, 1974. This occurred when the UN General Assembly allowed Arafat to give his famous speech, claiming, “I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand”. Arafat earned a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, making him a hero as the first non-state actor to utilize the image of a “freedom fighter’s gun” as the tool for implementing UN policy. That mindset of tolerance for extremism offers tremendous insight into what became a new type of UN governance model. A decade later, Arafat was dead, and media outlets simply ignored the fact that Arafat had stolen billions of dollars in economic aid destined for the Palestinian people. It was that total lack of perspective that became the new norm for the UN elites, which would gloss over just about any criminal behavior when it came to pushing their Socialist agenda.

That same double standard was applied to the Earth Day celebrations, which were presented as a grassroots initiative coordinated nationally by bureaucrats. The entire Earth Day narrative was centered around blaming global pollution on American Capitalism and making it appear as if that radical movement was responsible for the creation of the EPA in 1970. This spawned an entirely new industry formed around Orwellian double-speak, in which only a select few media pundits, university professors, and political think-tank members could be trusted to interpret correctly.

When Gerald Ford was elected President in 1974, Congress encountered its first contested election in which top political leaders appeared to be working on both sides of the issues presented to the public. That introduced another new theme: bureaucrats could manipulate election outcomes by insisting that every vote counts. It didn’t matter who cast the vote. Getting the right outcome was the only thing that counted.

Most citizens were still clueless about the World Economic Forum formed in 1971 by a University of Geneva (1972-2003) professor who had released a manifesto in 1973 about his new Public/Private partnership group. Klaus Schwab was calling for a Fourth Industrial Revolution and presented himself as seeking to level the playing field for the super-rich stakeholders at the WEF. In 2019, the WEF posted an article about a 280-page report from 2010 about the manifesto Klaus Schwab wrote back in 1973. Schwab’s manifesto was allegedly written as a form of “Code of Ethics” after the Club of Rome had released a book on The Limits of Growth in 1972.

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter appointed his Secretary Of Defense, James Schlesinger, the first Secretary of Energy for the newly created Dept of Energy (DOE). Schlesinger was a young university professor working as an assistant director for the Bureau of the Budget before serving a brief stint as the CIA Director after Carter replaced Richard Helms. The new federal agency was created in response to the Oil Embargo of 1973-1974 by the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC), directly related to their opposition to US policies during the Yom Kippur War. That war opened the door for radical environmentalism’s manipulation of global energy markets.

By 1982, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) had been co-founded by Amory and Hunter Lovins, which boasts that RMI assisted in setting up the US Green Building Council and its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. In 1999, Lovins co-authored Natural Capitalismwhich presented a world view on the opportunities of the next Industrial Revolution.

George Bush was sworn in as the CIA Director in January of 1976, in what the political establishment described as a turning point for the Agency that had been in a long period of darkness. Ironically, President George Bush created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992, which the Dept of Energy had set up as a Public/Private partnership operated by the EPA. This fact has been withheld from the public for decades, even as the EPA released a new product line for Smart Grid products in January of 2023. The DOE didn’t do much to announce the release of that product line because only globalists would be allowed to participate in the money-making aspect of this scheme. The general public would be forced to pay for the privilege of purchasing expensive government-certified products supplied by an exclusive group composed mainly of foreign vendors.

The value behind the government’s mythical commodity of “certified” energy efficiency was made possible with the release of the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines in 2009, which had directed state bureaucrats to “estimate” that their premium-priced brand of products was suddenly producing 25% to 50% more electrical savings than similar products and services. It’s an easily provable lie. Soon afterward, the Environmental Defense Fund had its own Climate Corps® brand and claimed their fellows had identified $1.6 billion in energy savings. This doesn’t indicate that any actual energy was saved, just that a new generation of climate leaders had identified where savings could be made. These non-profit entities rarely describe successful projects because someone might ask how they achieved those extraordinary energy savings.

Today, we have government-owned cooperatives like the Northwest Development Cooperative Center, which is part of the National Cooperative Business Alliance (NCBA), advertising itself as an international agency working alongside other respected groups like a Ukrainian coop. This co-op all have a common theme of pretending to be ‘businesses without bosses,’ implying that workers can’t be held responsible for mismanagement or malfeasance. These are government workers first. Entrepreneurship is their side business as NGOs. Many of these groups are part of the much larger US Federation of Workers Cooperatives (USFWC), formed in 2004. In reality, these are globalist front groups pretending to be employing DOE’s cutting-edge science, which was allegedly produced by Federal Laboratories. Or from phony scientific research programs operated by NGOs employed by the EPA.

It is doubtful that the average American will find even a single news article online regarding the Dept of Energy’s own Climate Corps® or their connections to groups like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute that is pushing a totally broken global economic model. This explains why political Spin Doctors don’t want the public to consider the deceptive business practices of California’s new SEI Climate Corps, which claims to be a job creation program for making profits under the business model of California’s Green Business Program. All of these non-profit groups rely on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs that exclude anyone even remotely familiar with honest business practices.


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By Conor Coughlin ·