It’s interesting the way some companies work.  On one hand they wouldn’t touch someone like David Duke with a ten-foot pole, but when it comes to an anti-Semite and a holocaust revisionist well that’s okay, at least that’s the attitude of the editors of Rasmussen Reports.  That is why my subscription to their platinum service will be allowed to lapse.  I do not any of my hard-earned cash paying Pat Buchanan, holocaust revisionist and anti-Semite.  Even worse, when Buchanan’s hatred was pointed out to their editors their reaction was absurd, an indication that they either agreed with Buchanan’s hatred or didn’t care about bigotry toward Jews.

It was conservative icon, William F Buckley Jr who first confirmed Buchanan hated Jews.  In Search of Anti-Semitism” December 31, 1991, subsequently made the cornerstone of a book, William F. Buckley, Jr. concluded, that Buchanan was indeed an anti-Semite:

I find it impossible to defend Pat Buchanan against the charge that what he did and said during the period under examination amounted to anti-Semitism, whatever it was that drove him to say and do it: most probably, an iconoclastic temperament.

Those are Buckley’s words, even more incriminating are Pat Buchanan’s own words

Buchanan on The Holocaust: Buchanan has challenged the historical record that thousands of Jews were gassed to death by diesel exhaust at Treblinka, he wrote,

“Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody.” in the New Republic, 10/22/90.

Of course Carbon monoxide emitted by diesel engines is enough to asphyxiate people when they are crammed by the hundreds into thirteen-foot chambers. And from July 1942 through November 1943, the Germans killed between 870,000 and 925,000 Jews at Treblinka. Perhaps the editors of Rasmussen should run a poll asking all those dead Jews how they were killed.

Buchanan on Hitler, a good guy who would have left the U.S. Alone

“He (Hitler) was also an individual of great courage, a soldier’s soldier in the Great War, a leader steeped in the history of Europe, who possessed oratorical powers that could awe even those who despised him. But Hitler’s success was not based on his extraordinary gifts alone. His genius was an intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood in his path.” – St. Louis Globe – Democrat, Aug 25, 1977″

In the book, ”A Republic, Not an Empire” (Regnery Publishing), Mr. Buchanan analyzes the history of American foreign policy and questions whether Hitler sought war with the West or was driven to it. ”Hitler made no overt move to threaten U.S vital interests,” after his initial victories across Europe in 1939 and 1940, Mr. Buchanan writes.

Buchanan: The Jews control foreign policy

 In a separate chapter criticizing the power of numerous American ethnic groups over foreign policy, Mr. Buchanan writes, ”After World War II, Jewish influence over foreign policy became almost an obsession with American leaders.”

Buchanan, There are too many Jews on the Supreme Court:

“If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats. Is that the Democrats idea of diversity?  WND May 13, 2010

Buchanan, There are too many Jews in the U.S. Senate: 

“If you want to know ethnicity and power in the United States Senate, 13 members of the Senate are Jewish folks who are from 2 percent of the population. That is where real power is at..” The McLaughlin Group, Feb. 2, 2007.

Buchanan, Hillary Clinton is a spy for Israel :

On the eve of yesterday’s New Hampshire primary, an article accusing Hillary Clinton of spying for Israel turned up on the World Wide Web site of conservative candidate Pat Buchanan. Political writer Brock Meeks exposed the existence of the article late Monday in Campaign Dispatch, his online column that appears on the Web in the Netizen section of HotWired Meeks also alerted ABC-TV’s Jeff Greenfield, who aired the story Monday on “Nightline.”

Buchanan the Jews pushed the U.S. into the first Gulf War:

“There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the Middle East – the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United States,” he asserted on TV’s “McLaughlin Group.” While dozens of powerful pundit and policy voices advocated war with Iraq, Buchanan felt the need to single out four saber-rattlers — A.M. Rosenthal, Richard Perle, Charles Krauthammer and Henry Kissinger — all Jews.

Here again Buchanan’s apparent prejudices about Jews seemed to blind him to the facts. On the key January 1991 Capitol Hill vote authorizing war in the Gulf, most Jewish members of Congress voted no — on Buchanan’s side, not Kissinger’s.

Buchanan the Jews pushed the U.S. into the second Gulf War: 

In Buchanan’s essay “Whose War” he blames the Iraq war on a bunch of mostly Jewish public figures such as Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Max Boot, and Richard Perle. Buchanan charges those public figures with “colluding with Israel to ignite wars and destroy the Oslo Accords. We charge them with deliberately damaging U.S. relations with every state in the Arab world that defies Israel or supports the Palestinian people’s right to a homeland of their own.” He goes on to say, “For whose benefit these endless wars in a region that holds nothing vital to America save oil, which the Arabs must sell us to survive? Who would benefit from a war of civilizations between the West and Islam? Answer: one nation, one leader, one party. Israel, Sharon, Likud.” The American Conservative “Whose War?, A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest. by Patrick J. Buchanan, March 24, 2003 issue”

Truth be told Sharon warned Bush #43 not to invade Iraq. He correctly predicted that Saddam was the only check on Iran and once he was removed the rogue regime would become a major regional power.

Buchanan’s website had a Holocaust denial forum until it was exposed which posted ditties such as


“I would like to see some rebuttal from Holocaust believers. Let’s see some pictures of those gas chambers or those big cremation ovens. I’ll tell you right now – THEY DON’T EXIST. The same blinded people that believe that the Germans intentionally killed Jews – also believe the myth of the Anne Frank Diary.

As anyone reads the various articles that have been posted here, they will have to realize that there simply were not gas chambers or mass crematoriums at any of the German internment camps.”

“Kosher and Halal ritual slaughter, belong in the middle east sands, where both barbaric practices were begun, after an instruction to the Hebrews and Islamics by their god voices, probably the same one. It’s a pity they cannot cut each others throats.”

Patrick Buchanan has no greater credibility or respectability than David Duke, the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, or any other bigot.  But that doesn’t stop Rasmussen carrying his columns.  When I inquired why the carried the writings of an anti-Semite, the response I received was

“Perhaps you should address your concerns to Creators Syndicate which makes Mr. Buchanan’s column available to numerous customers like us nationwide.”

I’m not sure what the answer meant. It is highly doubtful that Creators Syndicate was holding a gun to their heads and threatening “carry this column or we shoot.”  More likely is that the editor of Rasmussen Reports agrees with Buchanan’s Jew-hatred, or the editor doesn’t believe Anti-Semitism is worthy of his concern.  Either way I will no longer fund their support of Buchanan’s hatred.

Note: The information above was sent to Rasmussen with an invitation write a response as part of this post….they declined.