When California Governor Newsom’s wife Jennifer founded the California Partners Project in 2020, did corporate media deliberately hide the facts regarding details of Governor Gavin Newsom’s financial ties to the fraudulent Silicon Valley Bank and a shadowy California-based SEI Climate Corp partnership that is controlled by California’s electrical utilities? This group is associated with the California Green Business Network that has been pushing a “green certificates” program, which sports the motto “People. Planet. Profit.” as if a phony certification program could save money.

This is similar to the Biden regimes DOE Climate Corp program, operated by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm as part of the DOE’s ENERGY STAR program set up as a Public/Private Partnership in 1992. Americans aren’t allowed to know the identities of those private-sector investors because they may include Big Oil, Big Tech, Big Business, and government-controlled union bosses that began forming several environmental groups pushing UN policy initiatives created from pure Junk Science. Those political groups flipped all rational debate upside down on law, science, and governance for the sole benefit of a very tight-knit group of political elites.

Groups like the Climate Corporation were founded in 2004 by Google (don’t be evil) employees. They presented themselves as scientists studying the weather patterns for farmers but then got sold off to Monsanto. At the same time, First Partner Jennifer Newsom was the honorary chair of the Office of the Governor’s California Volunteers, allegedly benefiting big-time from Jennifer Newsom’s control over the Representation Project. As these US green groups were morphing into fronts for big business, the UN was creating its own corrupt Green Industry Platform that produced a report on Sustainability After COVID-19 for the global New Green Deals currently underway across the planet. Just as multiple “Climate Corps” are in operation, there are also multiple Green New Deals for various regions worldwide.

Buried in the UN’s Sustainability report are bureaucrats voicing genuine concern about how to continue the restructuring of regional economies for the different versions of the “Green New Deals” after the pandemic has ended. What is missing from the UN’s delusional agenda is the epic collapse of the “For Profit” enterprises at the UNOPS, which had been engaged in fraudulent contracting schemes set up for the political elites by Grete Faremo in 2014. This was part of a larger problem of corruption at the UNOPS that was disclosed long ago by Mukesh Kapila, suggesting that wealthy political insiders were allowed to profit from the “impact investments” in housing, energy, and health. This year’s UN Conference of Parties (COP- 28) in Dubai will be overseen by an Arab Oil Sheik, as the Ukraine/Russia war virtually guarantees that there can’t be any real agreements regarding global energy policies.

None of those green groups evolved more than NextGen America (formerly NextGen Climate), founded in 2013 by Tom Steyer. This hedge-fund manager formed his own Ambassadors Council to promote democratic engagement and voter mobilization in eight key states during the midterm elections. On July 31, 2023, former EPA Director Lisa Jackson joined Steyer’s team at Galvanize Climate Solutions, a climate-focused global investment firm, to deliver capital and expertise to accelerate climate solutions. Lisa Jackson spearheads Apple’s environmental initiatives and Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. Lisa Jackson is also familiar with Climate Solutions, the former Earth Island Institute franchisee selected to conduct the Harvesting Clean Energy program that once allegedly sought out cost-effective energy-efficiency technologies for America’s Industrial Sector.

Earth Island Institute has operated as an incubator for anti-American and anti-Capitalist groups for decades. It pretends to have some moral authority to undermine the legitimate business interest of companies they don’t like. The Climate Solution group produced two Poised For Profit reports used in a Regional Economic Agenda by the Prosperity Partnership created by Washington States Governor Gary Locke in 2004. The same year that the WA State Attorney General Christine Gregoire won a highly-contested election for Governor, as media suppressed all news reports about the secret West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative that had been signed by Gary Locke in 2003. The disgraced CA Governor Gray Davis had signed that secret deal two weeks before he was removed from office by a Recall Petition for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 that drove up electricity rates on the West Coast by 50% from bogus “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” as state and federal officials did nothing. The silence was Golden for the media during that scandal.

Those types of back-room deals originated from the West Coast Governors scam, which later brought down Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber and his fiancee Clyvia Hayes in 2015. It was Hayes playing the part of a “de facto” First Partner of the Governor while also acting as a private consultant for her own green ventures that destroyed the reputation of Oregon’s Governor. In 2011, Governor Kitzhaber appointed Hayes to the Oregon Energy Task Force, despite staff attorney warnings that her official use of the title as his First Partner may violate ethical boundaries when used for her shady business practices.

This occurred after the Obama regime released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines, which directed bureaucrats to falsely claim that ENERGY STAR ‘certified” products were producing energy savings that were 25% to 50% more than similar products. Those actions were about bureaucrats controlling the “credit” for reducing Greenhouse Gases, from the imaginary energy-saving claims being made by the EPA on behalf of the DOE brand. Now all those money-for-nothing schemes have come circle, and the Fake News outlets have no way to explain to voters why they should continue to trust the EPA or the UN on any matters. It’s also why none of the money-making ventures related to the Clinton Global Initiative can ever be discussed by our elected representatives or the average citizens in any Public forum.

by Conor Coughlin