Joe Biden claimed that his $71 million cash infusion for the IRS budget and the 87,000 new IRS agents that comes with it was aimed at taking more tax money from “the rich.” That is a lie, as the IRS has just launched new reporting rules to take money from people who earn tips.

On Feb. 6, the tax agency posted a new memo to taxpayers to warn waitresses, waitstaff, bar tenders, taxi drivers, and people who work in the service industry whose income is derived partly from tips that they had better report their tips.

And their employers are supposed to report the people who don’t tell the IRS their tip income.

The IRS is doing this instead of targeting “the rich.”

Don’t forget:


The IRS constantly attacks the lower and middle classes and ignores “the rich.” Just last year, for instance, the IRS tried to steal away all of an elderly woman’s wealth just because she was unaware that she was supposed to file a particular tax form that pertained to her. And the IRS did this even after the woman’s tax advisors discovered the error and filed the form retroactively.

The newly GOP-led U.S. House recently passed a bill to rescind Biden’s $71 million IRS budget hike and eliminate his new army of 87,000 agents. But so far, the supposedly conservative Senate GOP has ignored the bill.

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