A monster sent to death row for murdering two babies is now sitting in a women’s prison and preparing to undergo free breast enhancements as a so-called transgender woman, all at the cost of the California taxpayer.

Jessica Marie Hann, who was born Jason Michael Hann, started identifying as a woman in 2019, according to Reduxx.

He was arrested in 2002 after the body of his daughter, Montana, was found dead and stuffed in a Tupperware bin in an RV after Hann lost possession of the vehicle. Montana died from a skull fracture at ten weeks of age and had been dead for at least a year before being found in the RV.

But that was only the first baby who died at Hann’s hands.

He was found in a motel with a woman. And with them was a child on the verge of death when officials took Hann into custody.

“The infant had a number of severe physical injuries, including a dozen broken ribs, retinal hemorrhaging, bleeding under the skin, and internal damage,” Reduxx wrote.

The child was taken into custody and brought back to health. But after being arrested, police found a storage unit belonging to Hann, and inside was the body of Hann’s six-week-old son, who disappeared in 1999.

Hann was eventually convicted of the murders and given the death penalty. He was sent to prison, where in 2019, he began to claim he was a transgender woman. California then moved him into the women’s prison system.

Now, Hann is preparing to receive his reward for breast surgery. She will enjoy those breasts for a long time because the death penalty isn’t really a death penalty in California.

Prison is not supposed to be the place where prisoners fulfill themselves. It is a place of punishment.

In California, capital punishment is a legal penalty. However, it is not allowed to be carried out as of March 2019 because executions were halted by an official moratorium ordered by Governor Gavin Newsom. Therefore she will be living on death row for a long time.

Now the question arises once she gets the new breasts, she still will have male XY chromosomes? Do we call them boobs or moobs? Will she wear Brassieres or Brozieres? I suppose we will find out soon.


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