As we speak, Congress is waiting for answers about why Biden’s envoy to Iran was suspended and had his security clearance pulled.

(And whether it had anything to do with an alleged attempt to bypass Constitutional rules giving the Senate power to ratify a treaty.)

Ignoring a DC bomb plot…
OMB PLOT: Mattis Blasts Obama For Ignoring Iranian Threat To US S

‘Project Cassandra’ allowing Hamas to grow into a dangerous global cartel…
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UNCOVERED! Obama Hampered Law Enforcement Investigation of Iranian Terrorism Funding

Iran ignores JCPOA, and Obama does nothing.
Iran’s Been Upgrading Fordow For 20+ Months, That’s Where They Resumed Enrichment.

Not to mention the contract they have out on the lives of Pompeo and Bolton.
If Iran Put Hits Out On Pompeo & Bolton … Why Is Biden Still Negotiating With Them?

Biden, like Obama before him, bet big on Iran. As expected, this weakness has only emboldened their belligerence. As Obama and Kerry lied to the American people.

This isn’t just speculation. It’s a fact.

If there wasn’t enough evidence against them, we could add an American hostage to the ledger.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has revealed that a Princeton University doctoral student who went missing three months ago is alive and being held by an Iran-backed militia in Iraq.

Elizabeth Tsurkov, 36, who disappeared in late March, is being held by the Shiite group Kataeb Hezbollah or Hezbollah Brigades.

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