If this was an old western movie he would have tossed the idiot out through the window, but in this case, an In-N-Out Burger employee picked up a bullhorn-wielding climate change protester disturbing his customers’ meals and carried him out of the restaurant. The police arrived took action and handcuff another climate change protesters as the other demonstrators​ were losing their remaining marbles.

Why did they pick In-N-Out Burger? Because they serve meat from cows and cows fart.

As explained by The Blaze:

The clip first showed a male In-N-Out employee holding an older, grey-bearded protester from behind and carrying him out of the restaurant — to the cheers of those insides.

While The Blaze portrayed him as old only the tip of his beard was grey and his long curly hair was brown. In other words, he wasn’t that old. Once out of the restaurant, the bearded protester held his bullhorn about six inches from the male In-N-Out Burger employee’s and repeatedly screamed: “get your hands off me!” At the time no one was touching him

A second part of the clip showed another protester, this one looked like a female who seemed to be escorted from the restaurant by a different employee.

The female was arrested by the police while the bearded man tried to prove his manhood by using his bullhorn to scream into the faces of the police.

I am surprised bullhorn guy wasn’t arrested because using a bullhorn that way could damage someone’s hearing.  

The Twitterverse cheered Ian Miles Cheong’s post slamming the protesters.

I don’t know the law, but it seems that it would be justifiable.

That’s the ticket!

Now that’s a good thing!

This is what the In-N-Out Burger employee should have done


Simon Cowell is a tough judge and he liked the fact the protesters were thrown out:


Oh they understand, they just don’t care. Here’s what these climate crazies didn’t understand. Their little protest caused the police to drive over to the burger joint in a few cars. One of those cars to the female protester to jail. Someone had to drive to the jail to bail her out. That’s a lot of extra fossil fuels wasted because of their protest. Therefore climate change is their fault!

For some reason, the liberal crazies love to pick on In-N-Out Burger. In August 2018 the California Democratic Party Chairman, wanted the party to boycott  In-N-Out Burger because the company donated money to the state’s GOP, even though the donated the same amount to the state’s Democratic Party.




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