Liberals are having a field day bashing President Trump and his administration for the detention centers. Well, MOST liberals. Meet R. Andrew Free attorney whose specialty is protecting Illegal immigrants.

According to his firm’s website, Free is VERY pro-Illegal immigration:

We fight deportations before the Executive Office of Immigration Review (Immigration Court), Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and U.S. Courts of Appeal. We practice in Immigration Courts across the deep south and around the country. We assist with obtaining and lowering bonds, seeking custody redeterminations, and pursuing all available immigration relief on behalf of noncitizens facing detention and removal from the United States.

We advise applicants in complex DACA cases, including those with prior removal orders, criminal records, and difficulty proving presence in the U.S. We also advise and assist families in preparing for future Executive Actions to offer temporary relief to immigrant communities.

Mr. Free posted a series of tweets explaining how President Obama developed the detention centers to scare away illegal immigrants.

Warning: Tweets Below Use Liberal Language

Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton felt differently. In 2014 she said we should throw the kids out of the country ASAP.