The people of Illinois will soon be confronted by illegal aliens working as police officers with the power to arrest and jail them.

That’s because Gov. JB Pritzker, the state’s extreme panderer to the left — a rotund, super-rich man with no actual principles of his own — has signed a new bill into law that will allow law-breaking, criminal illegals to take jobs as police officers in the state.

Now HB 3751 is the law of the state.

Unsurprisingly, the bill was heavily opposed by the real cops in the state. The Fraternal Order of Police bashed the law.

“The main function of police officers is to enforce the law, to ensure that people in their jurisdictions abide by all applicable laws,” the FOP wrote.

Only a leftwing governor will allow someone who is illegally in the country and should be deported to be hired to enforce the law.

“What message does this legislation send when it allows people who do not have legal status to become enforcers of our laws?” the union asked. “This is a potential crisis of confidence in law enforcement at a time when our officers need all of the public confidence they can get. Make no mistake, we will welcome these potential police recruits with open arms once their citizenshop status is solidified, and look forward to the unique perspective they can bring to our profession.”

The state’s useless and powerless Republicans were also alarmed by the law.

Per Daily Wire:

During debate on the bill, Illinois state Sen. Chapin Rose (R) said it would be a “fundamental breach” of democracy to allow non-citizens to arrest American citizens.

“It’s just a fundamentally bad idea,” Rose said in May. “I don’t care where this individual is from. Australia — they should not be able to arrest a United States citizen on United States soil.”

Illinois has been facing shortages of police officers as the state and major metro areas like Chicago have pursued policies largely opposed by police.

Imagine. If you are a regular citizen and get pulled over. You can be faced with being arrested by someone already a criminal.

This is what Democrats do to the law. They make a mockery of it. They protect criminally tresspaling aliens instead of constituents.


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